The Bold Maneuvers Of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is a team of the world’s best financiers.

The entire staff is led by the agency’s co-founder who now acts as the firm’s president. He’s known in news as bold but successful. This highly acclaimed figure is none other than James Dondero.What he brings to business is over 30 years of experience in the financial markets.His direct field of expertise is in equity and credit. As his personal firm, Highland Capital Management has a great deal of strategic standing for its clients. But this pioneer didn’t start at the level his firm now puts him at. There was a long, arduous road to first get the credentials of a professional and then to use it effectively.With his personal time, James Dondero sits as the chairman of a few organizations.

He’s involved with the Cornerstone Healthcare among other agencies. This includes work with brands like MGM Studios and others like American Banknote. There is a clear history of work in philanthropy he has also.James is fully involved in the development of civil order and in the form of education, policy or veteran affairs. This extensive list of volunteer work is just as impressive as his bold but strategic work history. The financial professional worked with many different agencies before getting his own started up and running.During the year of 1984, Mr. Dondero started his career as a sought-after analyst. This was after graduating with honors from the prestigious programs at University of Virginia. It was here that the dreams of success for the investment mogul became a reality in the making. There’s a lot that makes James stand out.

His certified credentials include accreditation as a Chartered Financial Analyst, honors at the McIntire School of Commerce, dual majors and legal standing as a Certified Management Accounting. His education is within the fields of Finance and Accounting. What we see is the right candidate at Highland Capital Management.James Dondero has since been exceptional in developing Collateralized Loan Obligation, mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs and REITs respectively. The world is at James’ finger tips, and he’s earned every bit of his bold legacy.

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George Street Photo & Video NYC: Capture your Wedding Memories in Style

A wedding is one of those events which cannot be left undocumented. One of the things which help couples preserve the memories of their romantic day is through photography. High quality videos and photos of your wedding can be shared with your family and loved ones too. However, in order to get these photos and videos, you need to work with a professional photographer, preferably, one who has experience taking wedding photos.

For couples who reside in NYC, the best company to approach is George Street Photo and Video Address Locations. The team is made up of photographers and consultants who provide wedding related services. They also have their offices in about 40 other cities.

Whether you are looking for a wedding photographer who can take videos and photos or you simply want one who will also capture your after party memories, George Street can design the best package for you. All you have to do is contact them and book your consultation with the team!

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The Future According to Jason Hope

The Internet of Things is the most recent and fascinating futuristic idea, more than likely to have aspects trickle through over the next few years. The most basic explanation of The Internet of Things is that it will lead to a society where every appliance and device is linked together in a huge network. Anything that includes software, electronics, and sensors has the capability to connect and make daily life a whole lot easier. By adding convience to our lives, we could potentially have the ability to program coffee makers with cell phones, turn lights on and off, or even connect to vehicles to know what’s wrong with our cars before taking them into the shop.

The main man behind The Internet of Things is Jason Hope. Known more popularly as a futurist and tech guru, he is a widely successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has a clear understanding and passion for technology which allows him to accurately predict trends in the technology industry. Jason Hope strongly believes that The Internet of Things is going to play the most important role in modern society and really have a huge impact on daily life. With the capabilities our smart phones and tablets currently have, it’s only a matter of months before ideas stemming from The Internet of Things will be begin to ring true.

Not only does Jason Hope use his predictions to create wealth for himself, he makes sure to give back through his philanthropy work as well. His most notable contributions are the ones he has made to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation primarily focuses on anti aging and uses biotechnology to find treatments capable of preventing degenerative diseases. Overall, this would lead to a better quality of life for every human on the plant. One of the many reasons why Jason Hope is so passionate and eager to donate to this foundation among many others.

To know more Jason Hope:

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Capital Group Thriving in the Investment Field

American investment icon Warren Buffett made a risky $1 million dollar wager, claiming he can make better investment returns than a bunch of hedge fund managers by only investing in a S&P 500 passive index fund. Warren Buffett is expected to be declared the winner, after the wager is settled this year. Warren Buffett has said the winnings will go to charity. Warren Buffett believes that many expensive funds that end up costing investors. Tim Armour and Warren Buffett believe low cost and simple investments should be bought and held for a long period of time.


Warren Buffett has succeeded when it comes to “bottom-up” investing, which reviews companies and builds a durable portfolio, which has proven itself for Warren Buffett for many years. Warren Buffett is also continuing to encourage people to start saving and invest and to stay invested. Warren Buffett sent a letter to shareholders this year saying the the “active versus passive” debate does not help investors. Buffett has also said that mutual funds offer poor long-run returns because of excessive trading and expensive management fees and resume him.


Buffett believes good lengthy investment returns can be made by having low costs. Tim Armour has been vocal about passive index returns, saying they are not the key to a prosperous retirement. Warren Buffett has also found a way to filter out the poor fund managers from the strong managers, and they are low expenses and high management ownership. Buffett and Tim Armour believe in finding those fund managers who are investing a large portion of their own money and learn more about Timothy.


Timothy Armour serves as chairman and chief executive officer of The Capital Group. He is also currently the chairman of the Capital Group Management Company. Tim Armour has accrued more than 34 years of investment experience with The Capital Group. Tm Armour started out as part of The Associates Program and alter became an equity investment analyst at Capital Group, where he covered global telecommunications and American service companies and more information click here.

Tim Armour currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He is featured in many financial magazines and has appeared on television and learn more about Timothy.

More visit:

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ClassDojo-Keeping Everyone Connected

ClassDojo is a brand new way for parents, teachers, and students to keep connected. ClassDojo is a communication app meant to be used in the classroom. It make it possible for students, teachers, and parents to stay connected throughout the day and to bring the very best ideas into the classroom. ClassDojo makes it possible for parents, students, and teachers to create an awesome classroom that is the best fit for them so that amazing things can and will happen.


ClassDojo lets parents and students build their own culture within the classroom with the Classroom feature. They can choose values and skills such as creativity or teamwork and share their progress with each other. Classroom is a simple way for students an teachers to build an awesome classroom together.


The Messages app lets teachers, school leaders, and parents message each other instantly without having to call and the messages can even be translated into 35 different languages. There is even a “Quit Time” feature that lets teachers set the times when they will be available.


The Stories feature of the ClassDojo app makes it possible to instantly update streams of videos and pictures throughout the school day so every class, school, and students can share their very own unique story. it also helps everyone to stay connected and up to date on the day’s events. Student Stories allows students to create their own story that includes a portfolio and time line of what they have been learning.


ClassDojo is giving parents and teachers a way to access original content that is helping students to learn about social, emotional skills, and concepts. ClassDojo has also been recognized as one of the 35 most innovative apps of the 2016 year and is continuing to help classrooms to grow and flourish with creativity.

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Eric Lefkofsky Treads Widely in Technology

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur born on 2nd September 1969. He is not only the CEO and co-founder of Tempus but also the co-founder and chairman of Groupon as well as the co-founder of Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, InnerWorkings as well as Uptake.

Tempus is a company made up of a team that is eager to improve the outcome of patients suffering from Cancer. Its primary objective is to redefine the use of genomic data in a clinical setting. The treatment is meant to be of more benefit to every patient who has come in comparison to the previous patient. This improved treatment can only be achieved by giving all tools needed by the physicians, therefore, giving them the ability to learn as they collect more data.

In 2006, together with his wife Elizabeth, Mr. Eric Lefkofsky came up with a charitable trust known as the Lefkofsky Foundation that offers support to various educational, scientific and charitable organizations and causes worldwide. This charity has come to the help of more than 50 companies all around the world. Finally, in 2013, Lefkofsky and his wife became members of The Giving Pledge.

On social media, Eric Lefkofsky keeps a low profile; however, he has many followers making him a celebrity that many would like to be a part of. This social media recognition makes him highly appreciated for his good cause. He also started Lightbank, which is an investment fund that capitalizes on early-stage companies in the technology industry. Additionally, he had already begun Groupon in 2008. This was a social coupon website which grew incredibly fast.

Eric Lefkofsky published a book that discussed the relationship between technology and business. It is highly educative for entrepreneurs as it explains several aspects and difficulties in markets and how to deal with them. For instance in teaches on how to understand which industry to invest in, how to make your customer base an R&D team and how to promote any idea in the industry and investor resistance and more information click here.

Lefkofsky is majorly in the technology industry. However, as an entrepreneur, he works at building websites and Internet companies that help professionals in other sections. For instance, Tempus helps physicians to offer personalized care to Cancer patients, MediaBank provides advertising buyers with suitable software to deal with buying, selling and analyzing.

With all the help he has distributed to the rest of the world through technology, Lefkofsky has also raised a lot of revenue and brought significant awareness all around him.

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Pitching and middle infield potential adds


A quarter of the way through the fantasy baseball season finds a few opportunities to improve upon your team via the waiver wire. Those in need of starting pitching may want to add Luis Perdomo of the San Diego Padres, Eddie Butler of the Chicago Cubs, or Hansel Robles of the New York Mets. All are less than 20 percent owned in leagues. After a horrid start, Perdomo has reduced his ERA from 9.00 to 4.18 while not permitting a home run since his initial start. His strike rate per nine innings is approaching eight while his ground ball rate is close to 70 percent. Former Rockies pitcher Eddie Butler has moved on to the Cubs and accrued a 1.17 ERA in Triple-A. He did not miss a beat in his first start with the Cubs gaining a win versus the Cardinals after pitching six strong innings that included five strikeouts. Robles has become the Mets new setup man as Addison Reed replaced the injured Jeurys Familia. His 95 miles per hour fastball could get him the closing role soon if Reed continues to blow saves as was the case on Sunday against the Brewers.


If looking to improve upon your home run category for the middle infield position, take a look at Ryan Schimpf of the San Diego Padres and Jed Lowrie of the Oakland Athletics. Schimpf has just 17 hits on the year for a woeful .170 batting average. However of the 17 hits, nine have left the ballpark. Lowrie has been solid after returning from an injury plagued 2016 campaign. His four home runs in 120 at bats has surpassed his 2016 total. His fly ball rate has maintained at 45 percent thus far, so if maintained, it is realistic for Lowrie to come through with 12 plus home runs by the end of the season. Follow the Fantasy Alarm team for MLB lineup updates throughout the year (


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Securus Technologies Delivers Beyond Expectations

Inmates are people who have often been victimized based on the nature of crimes they have committed. Worse still, others are discriminated against for the reason they are behind bars. However, that doesn’t tear them away from being our family does it? They are still our children, husbands, neighbors and fellow citizens. They need our love, affection, care and attention even when they are still behind bars. That’s what Securus Technologies has made a possibility by enabling us to communicate to them technologically.



Securus Technologies, Anywhere, Anytime



Securus is a company that provides services to incarcerated persons who wish to communicate with their loved ones. You enjoy doing it at your convenience, with pocket friendly charges deducted automatically from your prepaid account. Am in love with this already! It’s amazing how technological advances by Securus are making life easier for the human race. Apparently, I can videos-kiss my husband good morning and watch him wish me a productive day at work regardless of him being in jail, all thanks to Securus Technologies.



Company’s Unmatched Convenience



Services by Securus can be used anywhere, since you can add multiple phone numbers to your account. It implies that callers can reach you at their convenience. I dare say there is too much that this technology has to offer. Live long Securus.



Their Mode of Payment



Securus allows more than one payment method, which means if one fails you use the other. It is utterly convenient. There are four methods majorly known, among them being money gram, western union, and payment by mail, credit or debit online by card.



Securus as an Ideal Deal for Safety



Judging by the comments published on PRNewswire, it is evident that through monitored calls, so many hidden things have been exposed. So the security team is grateful to Securus for making it for them to monitor the happenings around, especially around the incarcerated environments.

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Improve the Bedroom Experience with Honey Brand

Honey Birdette, founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2016, is one of the largest lingerie brands in Australia. Eloise Monaghan started it in 2006. The boutique stocks many products such as knickers, lingerie sets, intimate toys and other products for the bedroom.

The brand has recently opened a dedicated E-Commerce site for the US. There are also plans underway to open three more retail shops in the UK by 2018. In future, the store plans to open a physical store in the US.

The decision to go online In US was engineered by the constant increase in sales over the last one year. The new platform is providing a better user experience to customers. It’s fast and offers free delivery services for orders worth $50 and above.

So far the store has 55 stores in Australia and wants to increase its presence in Europe. A premium label will cost you £35 for briefs and £60 for bras.

The company started from a simple conversation between two friends over a glass of champagne. They realized how it wasn’t easy to find the kind of lingerie that could suit the Australian Bedroom. Today, Honey Birdette is the place you go if you want to catch the latest and most sensual lingerie collection in Australia.

Honey Birdette provides a great and conducive environment for employees to portray their creativity in their work. The company is made up of diverse people who bring a great mix of culture into the enterprise. The employees are well compensated and get great opportunities to travel.

For more information on Honey Birdette follow them on Facebook.

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Small Dogs Dream of Beneful Incredibites

Whether they’re cooped up in a small backyard in the city, or allowed to run wild across country fields, dogs all have one thing in common. They all crave meat on a primal level. What they do not common, however, is size. Dogs come in all shapes sizes and breeds. What’s good for one may not be good for another.

Small dog breeds are probably some of the hardest to buy for. Their mouths are so small and sensitive, yet their high metabolisms keep them burning away calories around the clock. Their special needs should be met. But, where to begin? There are so many Beneful dog food brands out there these days, how could anyone know what is right for their specific dog.

When it comes to the smaller breeds, Beneful Incredibites is here to help. Dogs love Beneful Incredibites for its meaty flavor with hints of real carrots and peas, and owners love it for its ability to keep their furry best friends healthy. The first ingredient is beef or, for chicken flavor, chicken which gives small dogs what they crave. The specially formulated dry food food is made to support small breeds’ high metabolisms and is designed to cater to their small mouths, keeping them happy, healthy and coming back for more.

And Beneful isn’t shy about sharing the ingredients in this great product either. If you’re nervous about the ingredients and would like to know more about them, here they are.

Beef, whole grain corn, barley, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole grain wheat, rice, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols, soybean meal, poultry by-product meal, glycerin, egg and chicken flavor, calcium carbonate, salt, mono and dicalcium phosphate, oat meal, poultry and pork digest, potassium chloride, dried carrots, dried peas, VITAMINS [Vitamin E supplement, niacin, Vitamin A supplement, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6), Vitamin B-12 supplement, thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B-1), Vitamin D-3 supplement, riboflavin supplement (Vitamin B-2), menadione sodium bisulfite (Vitamin K), folic acid, biotin], MINERALS [zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite],choline chloride, L-Lysine monohydrochloride, Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 2, garlic oil.

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