Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Path to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Richard Liu is the Chief executive officer and the founder of one of the largest online retail platforms in China today, However, before he became the successful entrepreneur he is today, he had numerous other business that failed; but this did not deter him from establishing a successful company like His journey to becoming an online retailer began when he was in the Renmin University of China studying sociology. He spent his time in the university honing his skills in computers, and one of the things he became extremely excellent at is programming. This skills helped him not only venture into freelance coding work, but also secure a two-year tenure working as a director for computers after he graduated.

But it was in 1998 where Richard Liu decided to quit formal employment and try his hand at being a businessperson. He started by opening a shop that dealt with the sell of magneto-optical products. He named his business Jingdong, which is a combination of his girlfriend then and his name. The business grew, and he was able to expand it to 12 stores in 2003. But it is during that year that a SARS outbreak began. The SARS outbreak forced his customers and staff to remain indoors, and this threatened the future of his business.

After the outbreak was over, Richard Liu Qiangdong began to reconsider the mortar of his business model, and it was during this period that was born. By 2005, Richard Liu had already started to shutter all his stores, and he began to pay full attention to the e-commerce platform. The success of his e-commerce platform came from selling a myriad of entirely top-quality consumer goods. This not only made his services authentic, but they also made it unique from other e-commerce platforms. Throughout the years, has grown, and it has slowly helped place on the world’s map officially. The company’s growth has not only attracted significant alliances from other international brands, but it has also made the world more curious about Richard Liu. His recognition has not only established him as a successful businessman, but also an individual who never gives up even when faced with impossibilities.

Leave a comment » Merges Toplife Fashion Network with Farfetch Limited is continuing its promise to provide top tier luxury fashion for its 300 million plus consumers by merging with Farfetch Limited. The merger is between’s independent luxury platform Toplife and the existing infrastructure Farfetch has in China. The collaboration is being touted as the “Premier Luxury Gateway to China” and will bring over 3,000 luxury fashion brands to Jingdong customers. started down the luxury brand road about a year ago with the formation of Toplife. The Chinese e-commerce retailer has since opened the doors to numerous luxury brands not previously available in China. Farfetch has striven since its formation to create a large marketplace for name brand and private boutiques.

The main goal to open up access to new regions. The collaboration with Jingdong brings unprecedented access to Farfetch’s extensive network. It is being viewed as a win-win from both sides, and is the first of many upcoming collaborations is planning to make. The merger grants Farfetch priority one status on Jingdong’s network. Consumers accessing will be able to hop over to Farfetch’s network. Once there they can shop the large assortment of name brands, visit virtual boutiques, and make purchases.’s top level delivery service will then bring the products to the consumer. Farfetch bolsters its consumer offering to over 300 million, and Jingdong rakes in profit as it is a primary shareholder. “We are happy to extend our relationship with,” Farfetch founder and CEO Jose Neves stated, “we will provide a unequaled solution to China’s fashion market.”


Founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in 1998 has been involved in retail long before becoming a virtual institution. Starting out as a franchise of storefront shops selling optics, Jingdong went online in 2004. Since then it has extended its service, product offerings, and business extensively. serves numerous regions throughout Asia and Europe. It is also a frontline innovator in the world of autonomous delivery and operation. is known around the world for its groundbreaking commercial drone service. It continues to grow and expand to offer consumers the very best in e-commerce.

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Sandy Chin’s Five Tips For Successful Mentorship

Sandy Chin has over two decades of experience as an investment management professional and has had considerable success over her career. She first graduated from Barnard College with a degree in Political Science in 2006 before embarking on her career. Over this time she went from success to success, moving across a variety of companies in a few key roles. This led to Sandy Chin being the founder and portfolio manager of the hedge fund Tidal Bore Capital, which she set up in 2006.

The core thing that has helped Ms. Chin throughout her career is the idea of mentorship, and she wouldn’t be where she is without it; in fact, she co-founded Tidal Bore Capital alongside her mentor William “Bill” Leach. Because of this, Sandy Chin has a few tips for developing a successful mentorship relationship. The first of these is just how many lessons a mentor can provide, especially for recent college graduates. Ms. Chin has said that having a mentor can help you navigate an industry, especially something as complex as the finance industry. Having a mentor would mean that recent graduates will have someone to show them the ropes and climb the career ladder.

Secondly, Sandy Chin has said that mentors can provide the skills and knowledge that are crucial to advancing in the industry; many of these would normally take years to attain if not for a mentor. Because of that, many recent graduates that learn these skills and lessons a lot faster than they would have without such a mentor. This was on show between Ms. Chin and Bill Leach, as much of his approach was passed on and helped her develop a strong investment portfolio. Thirdly, Sandy Chin has said that mentors can provide contacts that end up proving essential to new business and career opportunities. While these may not be evident straight away, they can be vital several years down the line.

This can prove critical in helping a recent graduate gain a footing in the industry. Fourthly, Sandy Chin mentioned that mentors could accurately answer the questions you have about how to succeed in your industry. After all, your mentor already knows how to make themselves a success in your industry, so they’ll be in the best position possible to answer those questions. Because of that, it’s always important to ask questions regularly and get detailed answers. Lastly, Sandy Chin has said that mentors can help you avoid the pitfalls they made in their career. This can help you avoid many costly mistakes throughout your career. They can also do this while still passing on the lessons they made from these mistakes. Because of that, mentors can be the fastest way to learn the crucial skills needed in your industry. To learn more about Sandy Chin visit

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Former Hedge Fund Manager Paul Mampilly Shares The Biggest Mistake New Investors Make

Paul Mampilly is a professional investor who put his college education to work in the financial industry. This includes the MBA that he acquired at Fordham University. Beginning his career in 1991, he worked for Bankers Trust as the assistant to a portfolio manager. He soon found himself as global investment firms like Deutsche Bank and ING. At the end of his Wall Street career, he was a hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset Management.

Like most people, Paul Mampilly burned out on Wall Street by his early 40s. Ready to do something different that didn’t involve making wealthy people even more money he moved out of New York with his family. He is still involved in the financial world but is now working independently. He does research and investment analysis that he makes available in his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. His focus is on helping regular investors make money using his tips and stock recommendations.

He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. Since that time, more than 90,000 people have signed up to subscribe to his monthly newsletter. Each edition has eight pages which detail the insights he has into a company he sees as a very lucrative investment opportunity. He also tracks a “model portfolio” which shows how several of the stocks he has recommended are doing.

Paul Mampilly stays busy in other ways as well. He has two trading services investors can use, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. He also writes a weekly column for another publication, Winning Investor Daily.

Interviewed by Eric Dye of Enterprise Radio, he said that he became passionate about helping regular investors build and protect their money. He also called out the biggest mistake most new investors make. This is to pick a single company they are interested in and then go all in on its stock. Paul Mampilly says it’s just way too big of a bet on just one company to do this. People need to spread their money around and diversify so that if they’re wrong about a company it isn’t disastrous to their wealth. Broadening the Tree of Wealth With Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing

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Peter Briger Investment Expertise takes Fortress Investment Group into Better Limits

Peter Briger’s fame did not start recently. The finance executive takes the position of principle in a leading investment firm that is based in New York City. The firm started by serving customers based in New York City before expanding and serving the customers in the global market. The expansion experienced in this firm that was founded more than twenty years ago proves that everything has been managed by professionals who are willing to go the extra mile for the sake of the clients. Peter Briger is a leader in Fortress Investment Group. His continued support has been instrumental in making Fortress Investment Group grow and reach many people from all over. There are many duties that have been allocated to the renowned businessman.

When Peter Briger found a way to work in the global company in the year 2012, the other founders of the large corporation felt that he was going to make the credit department thrive because of his experience. According to the records shown by the finance executive, he had already managed a credit company before, and he knew what was going to make the investment company better. The board of directors made the right decision by appointing Peter Briger to serve as the principle and head of the credit business. His expertise has been evident from the first day he started his work, and he is happy to serve his global clients.

Mr. Briger has grown his career the hard way. While most professionals get favors from company executives so that they could be offered a promotion, Peter Briger proved that he was worth the top positions by working hard. The businessman first had to acquire the best education that he could get in the country. His admission to one of the best finance universities in the United States was the first step the businessman took so that he could kick starts his finance knowledge. The first degree was acquired from Princeton University while his MBA was received from the Wharton School of Business that is found in the US too. Peter has remained focused in all his roles in Fortress Investment Group all through.

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The Status of Gold in the Market: US Money Reserve

The US Reserve is USA’s most trusted supplier and provider of US issued standard gold coins. The US Money Reserve aims to provide their clients with the highest quality of service that they can possibly provide.

The US Market and Economy is currently experiencing a period of high volatility and the behavior of the market is highly dynamic. This is caused by political movement and current events that are happening all around the world. Because of the high volatility of the market, a lot of people are now concerned on how to protect their assets during these times.

A lot of people are also considering gold as an asset to invest in to protect their wealth. Gold has always been a safe choice when it comes to investing because it almost never depreciates, and it holds a stable position in the market. Because of the interest of people in gold all of a sudden, the US Reserve has released a forecast on how gold will perform in the market this year and in the following year.

The market’s last crucial breakdown is now more than ten years ago, and a lot of financial analysts and economic experts are alarmed that the market might be headed to another recession.

Last year, the trend followed high housing prices, continuously increasing government spending, a rising gross domestic product and record stock products. Because of this, a lot of the big names in Wall Street are starting to seek gold investments to resist the pressures of the volatile market and to curb from recession.

The Federal Policy will play a huge role on how the market will perform, because they hold the power of sparking growth by lowering the interest rates so that money will flow better. When the Federal Reserve lowers the rates of interest, there will be a bigger chance of people borrowing money and other buyers can take a more active role in the industry.  Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | PR Newswire

Although, the power of the Federal Reserve has its limits as well, they have to perfectly time the rise and fall of interest rates to gain control of the behavior of the market. The federal reserve and its funds hold great power on how money behaves in the market because they have a direct effect on equity loans, bank loans, interest rates, up to credit card rates.

If the hikes of the Federal Reserve continuous, the market may be facing higher home prices and less opportunities of borrowing money at a lower rate.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

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Madison Street Capital Awarded the Distresses M&A of the Year

Madison Street Capita is a well-known banking and investment firm in the United States. It was launched in the year 2005, and currently, the firm is operating under the management of Charles Botchway. Charles is the chief executive officer of the company, and he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s growth and development. The investment and banking company has its headquarters in Chicago City, Illinois State. Besides the base, the firm has other offices in other parts of the country and even outside the country. It has branches in continents like Asia, African and North America.


Madison Street is mainly specialized in offering the following financial services: providing private and public placement options, advising companies on acquisitions and mergers, offering bankruptcy advisories, helping firms to conduct M & A transactions, helping companies in transfer of ownership, offering asset valuation services, delivering corporate financial advice as well as providing financial options to companies. It is a highly reputable company in the world which provides quality services and helps companies to secure a position in the competitive global market.


Madison Street Capital has helped many companies in making them prosperous. One of the firms in the United States is the Sachs Capital Group which is also an investment company which performs excellently in the country.Sachs Group was into a merger transaction with a digital company which supplies hardware’s, and software in the country known as RMG Networks. The two companies merged last year, and they aimed at getting mutual benefit in the transaction but unfortunately one company was suffering, the Sachs Group.


Madison Street came in and acted as the exclusive advisor to the Sachs Capital Group. Madison advised the company to terminate the transaction and provided it with multiple financing options which helped the company to restore its strengths and reclaim its position in the global market. Early this year, Madison Street was recognized by the M & A Advisors as one of the best consulting companies in the country.


Madison Street was awarded the Distresses M&A Deal of the year which was worth more the 40 billion US Dollars. The award was because of the excellent work it did last year when it advised Sachs Capital Group on its merger deal with the RMG Networks. The advisory team was led by the Senior Managing Director of the banking firm, Mr Barry Petersen.


Other categories which were included in the nomination included the Professional of the year, Restructuring of the year, Firm of the year, Transaction of the year, Sector Deal of the year, Refinancing of the year, Turn around producer of the year. Two hundred seventy-five companies participated in the nominations and the judment was conducted by a jury of experts.


Visit to learn more.


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Muscletech Neurocore for the Best Energy Boost

Muscletech Neurocore is a concentrated pre-workout stimulant formulated to enhance mental focus and provide energy in the performance of the day to day activities. It is suitable for people seeking to make most from their workout with more energy. It contains clinically proven ingredients to provide great energy, strong focus, and higher workouts.

Each full dose of Muscletech Neurocore contains 3.2 grams of beta-alanine to enhance the building of strong muscles, 3 grams creatine to enhance the increase in strength and size, 100 mg Rhodiola for great adaptogenic results and boost mental and physical fitness during stress. L-citrulline is also incorporated for the building of strong long-lasting muscles pumps. Individual tolerance should be evaluated by using one scoop of Muscletech Neurocore mixed with 9 oz. of water first before using a full dose.

This should be followed by a gradual increase of the dosage to two scoops mixed with 17 oz. of water. Finally, a full dose of three scoops mixed with 26 oz. of water for a period of 24 hours. It should be used 30-45 minutes before activity and one should ensure plenty of water intakes during use. Shatter SX-7 another Muscletech pre-workout product which is also very effective in boosting energy.

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A look at Michael Nierenberg profile

At New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg holds several positions including that of chief executive officer. He is also the company’s president and chairman, roles that he has held for more than three years. His appointment to head the board in 2016 came at the backdrop of success in other positions at the company. For instance, he served as the head of global mortgages, a position that he held while working at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is a successful leader who has had a lot of influence in the financial circles.

Heading securities divisions

Before joining the Bank of America in 2008, Michael Nierenberg had served as the head of JP Morgan’s global securities division. It was during this time that he showcased his ability to provide sound advice when it comes to investment in stocks. His investment strategies helped the company to make a lot of profits and expand into new markets. He was also setting the stage for appointment to senior positions and after that, he was the target of many companies that wanted to improve their operations.

Managing mortgages

During his illustrious career, Michael Nierenberg proved a resourceful leader when leading mortgage departments at various companies. He was tasked with working with clients from all over the world, a job that he performed to satisfaction. His abilities to coordinate a lot of offices and provide a good strategy to help customers finance mortgages earned his a name among the most influential financial advisers. In addition to that, he provided the direction when the companies were looking for better ways to manage debts.

After gaining experience in managing mortgages and financing debts, it was time for Michael Nirenberg to explore other opportunities. His next task was to manage foreign exchange and interest rates. He was also tasked with reviewing the revenues that the companies generated through interest rates and foreign exchange. His knowledge of the stock markets gave him an advantage and that is the reason he was able to surpass the expectations of the organizations that worked with him. Working with investment banks, Michael got a lot of experience in this department. He now focuses on devising new ways to make his company a leader in the industry.

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Stansberry Research: Revolutionary Solutions in Investment Research

Established in 1999, Stanberry Research (originally Stanberry & Associates Investment Research), is an American publication which is privately owned. The headquarters are located in Baltimore and Maryland with satellite agencies in California, Florida, and Oregon. The company provides actionable investment recommendations and research for individuals self-managing their portfolios.

Stanberry Research boasts over 500,000 subscribers spread out in over 100 countries, over 70,000 are lifetime subscribers. The company has a specialized information services creation line called Stansberry Newswire, consisting primarily of consultative bulletins written by different financial editors who are professional. The topics covered in the above include healthcare and biotechnology.

Stansberry Research offers a wealth of free services such as The Crux, DailyWealth, Health & Wealth Bulletin and Investor Hour Podcast. The new addition to Stanberry Research’s range of products is the revolutionary Stansberry Portfolio Solutions, a never before seen way to safeguard and grow personal portfolios assisted by the company’s research. The product was compiled by the company’s top analysts.

The Stansberry Research Portfolio Solutions offers three different levels to choose from: lifetime access to the publications included in the selected portfolio level and up to 40 investment recommendations as well as a premium subscription to Stansberry Newswire. The Capital Portfolio is the starter-level portfolio which is recommended for persons primarily interested in capital appreciation. This model portfolio is made up mostly of exchange-traded funds and other easy to buy large-cap stocks and includes recommendations in gold stocks, mining plays, insurance firms, and technology.

The Income Portfolio combines the biggest dividend-paying stocks globally, with high yield corporate bonds and hybrid securities to offer outstanding yields and potential capital gains. That is primarily designed for income increase and is also Stansberry Research’s lowest-risk model portfolio.

Finally, the Total Portfolio is described as the ‘all-access pass’ to Portfolio Solutions. It uses nearly all of the company’s very best ideas and is designed to offer speculative upside income as well as growth. It aims to function as a publisher’s version of a hedge fund and provide consistent, market-beating results with minimal volatility.

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