Academy of Art University Has its own Fashion Section

Fashion is highly recognized by Academy of Art University. As a matter of fact, Academy of Art University respects fashion so much that it has its own section for fashion. This section is called Fashion School Daily. This is one of the best aspects of this university. For one thing, it has a lot of news about the upcoming fashion artists from their university. They have a lot of passion and a good eye for different designs. They also have a style they like to bring to the masses. Any design from the elegant and respectable to the fun and flirty styles come from the students.

There are a ton of articles that have a lot of news about fashion events and awards that are won by the students or graduates. Given that a lot of designers that went to Academy of Art University tend to make it very far in their careers, it is important for people to understand what it is about this particular university. One thing that can help is that this university is well respected. Another factor is in the instruction. The instructors are very passionate and easy to understand as they talk about the different aspects of fashion. Therefore, the students are able to maintain a healthy level of engagement.

Given that fashion is being recognized as a method of self expression, more attention is being paid to fashion because people are looking for opportunities to express themselves with the new designs. Fortunately, everything about fashion can be read about on the Fashion School Daily section of the Academy of Art University website. This university has a lot of influence in the world of fashion from the colors to the fits and even feel of the clothing. Fashion is making a lot of progress because of the involvement of the university.


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Vinod Gupta Donates $1 Million to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic

Vinod Gupta, the self-made millionaire who created marketing mailers for the company he worked for with a $100 loan, recently donated $1 million to an all woman’s’ polytechnic school in India. Known as the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, the school gives women in India the power to obtain degrees, including postgraduate degrees, in 24 months.

Some of the fields that the school focuses on include computer applications, textile design, information technology and web design. Founded in 2000, the school focuses mainly on technology careers. Vinod Gupta also plans to build an all girl’s school in his hometown. He has allocated funds that will provide textbooks and buses to and from school. India’s past did not give women an equal opportunity to receive an education, so Gupta is looking to change societal norms.

Mr. Gupta attended school in a small town that is north of New Delhi. He later studied agricultural engineering at the Indian Institutes of Technology. Gupta then took his studies to the U.S., where he attended the University of Nebraska.

Upon graduation, he went to work as a marketing research analysts for the Commodore Corporation, which built mobile homes. He later founded American Business Information and turned it into a $500 million company. Later, he changed the company name to InfoUSA and turned it into a $650 million company. In 2010, Gupta sold the company for $680 million. After stepping down as chief executive of InfoUSA, he became the Everest Group’s managing general partner. He helps turnaround underperforming companies by providing them with venture capital and consulting services.

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Things You Need To Know About Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is an American Lawyer that was born in 1959. Jeff is the founder and managing partner of Herman Law and he focuses on helping people deal with sexual assault issues in the country. Throughout his career, Herman has shown passion and great determination towards his career. He has always served as the voice of all survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Jeff has highly been amended by a vast number of people for his major contributions towards advocating for the rights of the affected individuals in the society and his ability to bring justice to them.

Due to Jeff`s ability to offer justice to victims of sexual abuse, he has gained a great reputation in the United States and as a result, he has also emerged to be the most sought out attorney. Since the beginning of his career, Jeff has successfully represented over a thousand victims of sexual; abuse with an aim of helping them regain their self-esteem as well as justice. He has shown a great dedication towards his work and he has been profoundly amended for it.

Jeff believes that for an attorney to be successful in their work, they must be good listeners. He encourages all lawyers to pay close attention to their clients and ensure that they acquire enough information regarding their issues before deciding on the ways they will represent them. Additionally, Jeff has always strived to maintain a close relationship with his clients and he strives to make them comfortable regardless of the nature of their cases.

Jeff gained his passion for the law from the various experiences that people shared with him and he has since the beginning of his career, strived to ensure that each of his clients achieves justice. He works closely with his team of employees with an aim of coming up with the best strategy to employ while representing his clients in the court of law. He has shown great expertise in his work through his notable ability to point out red flags as well as support each of his claims with facts.

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The Illustrious Career of William Saito

Starting a business has become such an easy task. With the right ideas, time, and effort, a person can start a small enterprise and within several years turn it into a success. Every journey has its steps, and thus anyone aspiring to make it in the business world must be ready to learn from those who have succeeded.


William Saito is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States but originally from Japan. William has used his knowledge, skills, and experience to build several renowned corporations. Over the years, he has combined creation and investments to create successful enterprises and hence understands how the relationship works. Any upcoming entrepreneur can benefit from learning and following William’s ideas especially when it comes to startups.


According to William Saito, an entrepreneur yearning for success should create an exceptional brand message and a marketing plan for the targeted consumer. The strategy should be so unique that it gives customers the urge to learn and understand more about the product.


Business persons should prioritize marketing from the beginning of any potential project as it plays a critical role in achieving success. Marketing campaigns are more successful when businesses seek the services of marketing consultants rather than depending on employees with marketing backgrounds. Consultants have more expertise and knowledge in the sector.


William Saito believes that taking massive risks and borrowing lots of the initial capital to start a business can lead to debts which may later become unmanageable. He recommends that one can start a business by focusing on steps that will achieve a more organic natural growth with less starting capital. These methods do not only reduce risks but also help to manage the first phases of the business.


William Saito advises diversity in any businesses. For example, women lead the executive teams in 15 of his 19 companies. William is an advocate of equality, and he continues to speak against the lack of diversity in other companies in both the public and the private sector. He believes that diversity promotes balance and instills a forward-thinking mindset in the corporate.


William Saito is a significant startup investor not only in Japan but across the globe. Apart from his investment endeavors, he was an advisor to the Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in matters cyber-security. At the 2011 World Economic Forum, William was recognized as a Young Global Leader and was on the list of most influential people in Japan. A list published by Nikkei.

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New Campaign Strategies by NGP VAN

NGP VAN is campaign technology provider that is mostly associated with the Democrats and progressive campaigns. The technology makes it easy for the campaigners to plan for fundraising and communicating to a large number of people through the various social networks. The firm has been of help to thousands of individual campaigners and organizations such as labor unions. The main focus of the firm is to use the latest technology that makes the campaigns easier and more effective. Traditionally, the campaigns involved a lot of mobilization where the candidates would hire a group of people to do the work. The candidates link with their voters easily to make sure that they turn out to vote for them. The success of the 2008 and 2012 election of President Obama can be attributed to the NGP VAN software used.

The technology uses various online platforms that are accessible to millions of users to conduct their campaigns. The company has its roots in Washington DC. New and better technology is being unveiled from time to time. Therefore, the campaigners need to use the services of a firm that is constantly adjusting their technological strategies to ensure good results. One of the most effective platforms is the use of software that is compatible with the smartphones. The number of smartphone users is very high and this provides a perfect opportunity for the campaigners. Some technologies may become ineffective with time. For example, the use of radio campaigns in the 1950s gave good results as the technology was relatively new.


Daniel Kreiss wrote a book that explains the use of technology in various campaigns. The writer explains the reasons behind the massive use of digital campaign strategies by prominent candidates. He acknowledges the effectiveness of technology used during the 2008 elections in the United States. The technology used influenced millions of voters to turn out and vote for Barrack Obama. The strategy also attracted many young people. The writer acknowledges that the use of digital campaign strategies has also faced some challenges. For example, the technology may be prone to hacking by rival groups. The campaigners also require to hire professional technicians to ensure that the technology runs smoothly. He explains that the new strategies are more convenient as they make it easy to manage the voter records as they are stored in a paperless form. The services of NGP VAN are unmatched in the market as the firm is always improving to meet the needs of their clients.

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Igor Cornelsen Brazilian Investment Advisor Who Follows His Own Instincts

Brilliant business people come from all over the globe with a variety of skill sets, perspectives, and ideas that can change the world. Ideamensch recently sat down with Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen to discuss his career highlights, work history, and outlook on what makes him a productive entrepreneur.

Mr. Cornelsen is an investment banker with a lot of experience managing funds on the stock market. He was born in Curitiba, Brazil, one of the largest cities in Paraná. With a desire to become an engineer Igor attended the Federal University of Parana. With two years of schooling he decided to change majors to economics. He stayed at the same university, but just knew it was not the career for him. Studying to be an engineer did not go to waste because it would help him in his career as an investment banker. He graduated in 1970 ready to jump into the field of investment banking.

At Multibanco Igor was promoted to the board of directors in 1974. Due to his professional manner, hard working ethics, and excellent results Mr. Cornelsen would become Chief Executive Officer two years later. After working at Multibanco he would pursue other positions at Unibanco, Libra Bank PLC., and Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. With a solid career under his belt Igor decided to pursue the land of entrepreneurship with his own investment firm in 1995. Luckily all of his experience would help him greatly in his own business pursuits.

Each morning starts every early in which Igor Cornelsen checks the markets in Europe when they are just opening up from his home in Sao Paulo. He checks the international markets to stay on top of the market. This includes studying companies and the economics of places figure out his own portfolio. In between all this Igor attends meetings and such. One web service he uses is Reuters news and it helps keep him productive as an entrepreneur. Mr. Cornelsen does not check other markets because they can be biased and Reuters is not. They provide just the absolute facts and straightforward news. He also insists on making is own mind up about the market rather than following what others say. This was what made him a successful businessman in his own right.

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William Saito Built His Career Around Cybersecurity

Starting from the time he began his career, William Saito worked on different cybersecurity options. He knew there were things people could do to get where they were going. He also knew everything would get better if he had a chance to show others people the right way to do different things. It made sense for William Saito because he spent so much time trying to do things on his own. He also knew there were positive experiences that came from the options he had to offer. Thanks to William Saito, there were people who knew how to help and people who knew the importance of giving back in different situations.

With his capabilities, William Saito could do different things. He could also bring attention to more issues than anyone else in the industry. It helped him make the best choices and also helped make things easier for people. Despite running into issues, there were some people who had a chance to try things on their own and some people who needed help getting more from the industry standards. As long as William Saito knew how to help and what to do to make things better, he could show people the right way to do things.

There were many different things that people would do. These things were a direct result of the hard work people like William Saito put into place and it made it easier for everyone to see what he was doing. He had a lot of faith in the industry and in the things he did with the industry. He also knew people could get more out of the experiences they had and that’s part of what made him the best person for the job. With cybersecurity at stake, William Saito tried pushing forward and making things easier for everyone.

Despite the issues that came to William Saito, he felt confident he could keep giving back and keep showing people what they needed to do. He always had a lot of help with the issues he faced and that’s what made him someone people could rely on. Depending on these issues, everyone had a chance to do things the right way. William Saito liked giving people the help they needed and liked making sure everyone was doing everything the right way. It was his goal of helping that allowed him to continue giving others the chances they needed.

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ClassDojo: Creating Powerful Educational Communities and Fostering Ground-Up Change

Stephanie Smith knows that teaching can be a difficult and lonely profession. Before she became a technology coach for her school district, she would often spend entire school days without interacting with her fellow teachers. It was only when she brought technology into her classroom that she began to feel a sense of connectedness and community. Specifically, things changed when she began using ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a classroom communication platform designed to connect teachers with students, their families and fellow educators. By allowing teachers and students to share images, videos and messages with each other and with parents, the app helps educators foster an encouraging classroom environment. Ms. Smith wasn’t surprised by the positive changes that the app brought to her classrooms, but what did surprise her was how much she gained from ClassDojo’s online community of teachers.

ClassDojo has an online community made up of tens of thousands of educators from around the globe, and this community helps brings teachers with different ideas and different experiences together. In Ms. Smith’s experience, ClassDojo’s Facebook and Twitter have become places where educators brainstorm new and innovative ways to use technology in classrooms. These online spaces are also places where teachers can seek advice on helping students dealing with learning disabilities or visual impairments, and Ms. Smith herself used the community to get advice about how to help a student who didn’t speak English.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by a group of teachers in the San Francisco Bay area, and since then it has grown into one of the fastest growing educational technology brands of all time. The secret to ClassDojo’s success is that it encourages not only academic learning, but also the development of crucial social and emotional skills. The platform allows teachers to give positive feedback to students for anything they accomplish, whether it be acing an assignment or helping out a friend.

The group behind ClassDojo is firmly dedicated to creating ground-up change that starts with students. The app gives students their own profile and portfolio that allows them to receive feedback and share accomplishments with their parents. This helps children become more engaged in learning and creates a positive classroom community, and it can be a game-changer for students who otherwise lack motivation. ClassDojo continues to be updated and refined to meet the needs of students and educators from all backgrounds, and it is currently available in over 180 different countries.

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More Time Given for Exchange Offer of Talos Energy

For many years Talos Energy which is an oil and gas company has been on the forefront of engaging in the development, exploration, and production of natural gas and oil in the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and also the Gulf of Mexico. With only half a decade in its operations, Talos has been having enormous performance that has made it be one the leading energy companies in the region. Under the leadership of Mr. Timothy S. Duncan who is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Company, it has been committed to sustainability where they maintain very high standards of being good citizens as a corporate while ensuring they maintain environmental safety and for the community at large.

Talos Energy usually focuses on the offshore exploration with a great emphasis on asset exploration, optimization, and exploitation.The company usually operates on great strategies that help them in drilling inventory, acquisition of the assets and keeps them on the verge of developing joint ventures. Some of the things that have helped the company become successful in its operations are their independent and entrepreneurial spirit. Their focus and care of their own people have formed the foundation and basic fundamentals of their operation.In their recent announcement of the Exchange Offer and the entire Consent Solicitation, the expiration date for the whole process has been pushed to May 8, 2018, at 5 pm NYC Times.

The offer to exchange all the acceptable outstanding Senior Secured Notes commonly called Stone Notes which are the due year 2022. In line with the Exchange Offer, Talos Energy had to solicit for the consent of the Stone Notes holders which they call Consent Solicitation. All the whole process is emerging from the combination of the Transactions of Stone Energy and Talos Energy.The Exchange Offer and the Consent Solicitation of the Stone Notes have been conditioned to the closing of the transactions, unanimous consent of the holders of Stone Notes which is the Requisite Consents, and fulfillment of other customary conditions. If these are not fulfilled fully, the Offer and Solicitation stand to be terminated or withdrawn. The Offer Materials are to be given to Stone Notes holders who will have completed the eligibility form in the Global Bondholder Services Corporation.

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OSI Industries: Building, Directing & Connecting

OSI Industries, an American-based foodservice manufacturer, is one of the leading foodservice providers in history. This specific company is the quintessential wholesaler because it manufactures so many distinct foods. This includes fritters, cooked sausage links, panini, flatbread, onions, pizza, Tofu, bacon bits, bacon slices, pot roast, cookies, cheese, fresh dough products, tomatoes, soups, chili, beef patties and many more. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has facilities all across the U.S. OSI Industries’ facilities can be found in Iowa, in Illinois, in California, in Utah and in Wisconsin.

Thanks to its rather large size, OSI Industries has plenty of open positions that need to be filled. Since the company spans across many oceans, there is a wide range of activities that must be attended to on a daily basis. OSI is seeking people who have an interest in professional food services. These people should also be very ambitious, especially if you want to work your way up the food chain, no pun intended. Some of the positions included are forklift operators, administration agents, payroll clerks, food scientists, production supervisors, standard supervisors, maintenance mechanics and many more. OSI Industries is also an equal-opportunity employer whose employees truly drives the success of the business. The company has been in existence for over 100 years and that speaks volumes.

This particular company has won many industry-related awards, including the prestigious Globe of Honor Award in 2016. Providing excellence in environmental risk management is the name of the game and OSI has demonstrated this action more so than any other company in the field. OSI Industries has also won this exact award back in 2013 and in 2015. As you can see, this company is making big moves for the future. OSI Industries is definitely living-up to the hype by delivering great results on the ground floor.

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