Life Accomplishments of Dick DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been active with reform movements throughout her entire secondary education. She attended Calvin College. DeVos quickly became involved with campus wide politics. For nearly three decades she has led campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. In addition, she spent six years as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Reform activities have run in her family for a long time. In 2006, her other half Dick DeVos, was the Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan.


In both the business world and politics, the family is always on the lookout for innovative solutions. Betsy currently serves as chairman of the Windquest Group. The group is a collection of companies that invest in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy techniques. Windquest was founded in 1989 by her and her husband. Dick DeVos used to be the president of the Orlando Magic franchise.


In addition to working with for-profit businesses, she spends a lot of time working with non-profit institutions. She helps manage the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Her charitable interests cover all aspects of life. She is DeVos deeply involved with Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA. She is really pushing for the best education across the nation. Betsy is better known as leading advocate for the educational-choice movement.


Today she is very optimistic that the United States is on the path to the best education we can get. There is more emphasis on opening more schools to accompany the rapid increase in students. The key is to ensure that everyone has a chance to get some publicly funded education.


There are several hundred thousand students assigned to 33 publicly funded, private-choice programs in 17 states. The number of students involved with education programs has increased by 40,000. Much of the east coast has had more opportunities to open schools.


Betsy has recognized how hard parents and guardians are working to ensure that their kids get a safe and reliable education. Back when her children were school-aged she saw the what needed to be done.


Dick DeVos has spent his lifetime working in different business executive positions. He has commanded business operations in 50 countries and six continents. Beyond the business positions, he has spent a lot of time working with education and helping those that are in need of support. He started the Education Freedom Fund which financially supported underprivileged kids in Michigan.


Dick is National Champion sailor, a certified jet aircraft, and a certified helicopter pilot. He graduated from Northwood University.


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Fabletics VIP Membership: How Does it Work?

Friends have been raving non-stop about the Fablectics VIP program that provides members with great deals on work-out outfits each month! Though there are several retail shops, Fabletics, for the moment, is mainly an online endeavor.

While it is possible to simply order apparel from the site on a one-off basis as a Regular member, most customers opt to sign up for one of the VIP memberships. Regular members pay full-price, can purchase as much or as little as they like, and most times will have to pay for shipping and handling. VIP members, on the other hand, receive their initial outfit at $25 with shipping included. The VIP program of Fabletics is an automatically occurring monthly “credit” of $49.95.

Upon signing up, you will take a short quiz to help determine your sportswear apparel styles on Pinterest. This information contributes to suggested outfits that will be emailed to you each month. From the first to the fifth, you will need to log on if you would like to skip that month. Skipping is easy to do, and if you elect that option, you will not be charged the $49.95 fee for the month, but be aware, you will also be unable to purchase any items at the VIP rates.

If you do not opt to skip the month , the $49.95 monthly fee will be added as a credit toward any purchases from Fabletics that you would like to make. There is no deadline for using these funds. All VIP apparel is priced at a very reasonable rate, and again, will be shipped for free. If you would like to discontinue your membership, there is a customer service line to call that will take care of everything for you.

The clothes are super cute and of good quality, especially for the VIP price. In addition to performance attire for women, Fabletics also sells accessories such as yoga mats, totes, hair accessories, scarves, socks, and water bottles, to name just a few! Fabletics has also recently introduced a full line of men’s workout attire, swim suits and athleisure dresses.

Give the VIP program a look, it can help you build your workout wardrobe without breaking the bank! The price points are definitely a steal for the level of quality of the products, especially with their on-trend, fashion forward styles. When you factor in the ability to skip months and cancel at anytime, the program is fairly risk free.

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Makari: Put Your Best Skin Forward

Do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin? To achieve that, you need to love the look and feel of your own skin. Ultraviolet light from even passing exposure to sun, pollution, irritation, and simple aging all affect the fragile dermis. The good news is that if you are willing to fight for a radiant complexion you can be proud of, there are tools available to ensure that you succeed. The better news? Thanks to the Makari de Suisse skin care line, you will not need to break a nail or break a sweat in that fight!

Makari Is Your Ticket to Lighter, Brighter Skin Head to Toe

When you hear the word radiance, you might envision sunlight. Radiance is synonymous with lightness – a radiant personality exudes a refreshing “lightness of being” and radiant skin positively glows. Makari de Suisse cannot necessarily transform your personality but it can most certainly make your skin lighter and brighter. In turn, your personality may benefit from the rush of positivity you feel looking in the mirror and finally loving what you see.

From Makari’s luxurious skin-lightening body beautifying milk to the exclusive toning serum to tighten those irritating fine lines, to the hard-working purifying cleanser and toner, the Makari line has options for all of your skincare concerns.

Treat Yourself

You can splurge on a new dress or killer pair of stilettos that you will wear on special occasions. Or, you can invest in the Makari skincare line to improve your best asset: Yourself! Each and every day, you see your skin. Potential spouses, employers, friends, etc. also see your skin. A beautiful outfit is something to be proud of and to show off. But your face? Your body? They are with you 24/7. An investment in the Makari de Suisse skincare line is an investment in yourself. Every hour of everyday. You deserve it. You deserve to be comfortable and to be radiantly beautiful in your skin.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Company resumes it manufacturing Business

Goettl Air Conditioning was started in 1939 by the Goettle brothers. The primary function of the firm was to assist in regulating the severe climate in the southwest, and it was based in Phoenix. In 2003, the company relocated to Tempe, and it has been offering high-quality air conditioner installation and maintenance services. It has competent technicians who deliver solutions that are beyond the expectations of the clients. They offer comprehensive residential and commercial air conditioning solutions in Phoenix and other areas. These services include heat pumps, humidifiers, air cleaners, ductless mini splits, radiant heating units, central air units, furnaces, and UV germicidal lights. The company also provides 24/7 repair response to its customers, and its services guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.

The Goettle Air Conditioning Company was recently acquired by ARS/Rescue Rooter, which an air conditioning and plumbing firm that is based in Memphis. ARS/Rescue Rooter offers various services, which are managed locally in different units that are base in 25 states and the District of Columbia. The company is a branch of the American Residential Services LLC, which is also headquartered in Memphis. ARS plans to uphold the reputable Goettl brand and its administration team who were its proprietors. The staff of the company will be retained, and they will be headed by Dan Burke, who formerly served as its president.


American Residential Services LLC has various units that operate in the Tucson and Phoenix regions. However, it plans to increase its presence in the area through Goettl Air Conditioning’s acquisition. According to Mr. Ken Goodrich, who is the vice president of the ARS/Rescue Rooter southwest unit, Goettl’s staff will offer new elements of engineering and vision in the sector. The company appreciates their presence at ARS/Rescue Rooter, and they anticipate to expand their market in Arizona.


ARS acquired four firms, which are located in different states in the past year. The administration of the company is currently trying to revive the production of various air conditioning equipment for the Goettl brand. John Ryan, who is the vice president of Goettl, said that the company stopped the manufacturing business about 15 months ago due to the stiff competition from imported products. The firm has been selling goods from other manufacturers. The ARS marketing director, Elizabeth Young, believes that the company intends to restart the production of the Goettl’s products for it to take advantage of the well-recognized brand.

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Securus Makes Jails Safer

The primary position of a correctional officer is to provide safety to the inmates and security within the jail. They are intended to ensure that there are no problems and that the inmates are being properly taken care of. While they may have secondary duties, many correctional officers are overwhelmed with the complaints and the grievances that they must submit on a daily basis. Inmates have a lot to complain about and collecting these complaints can actually distract an officer from his job to keep the prison safe. Complaints are a big issue in prison and can make things less safe for the people who are there and who run the prison.

It is important to note that Securus is not an actual security company as the name might suggest, but one that is able to make the jail more secure by taking some of the pressure off of the correctional officers. They have created a program with automated forms that allow the inmates to easily and quickly submit complaints to administration. These do not have to go through correctional officers. This allows the officers to truly take care of the prison and the people who are in it: they can focus on the safety and the security of the prison.

Securus is not a company that provides only automated forms for people who are in the jail. They also provide commissary avenues, ways for inmates to talk to loved ones on the phone, and even email programs that allow another form of communication with the outside world. Securus works by putting kiosks in the prison for inmates to use when they want to do something. They hope to have kiosks in jails across America to help take some of the pressure off of the correctional officers who run the prison.

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Goettl acquired by ARS hoping to restart manufacture products

Goettl Air Conditioning has recently been acquired by a Memphis based plumbing and air conditioning contractor. This contractor belongs to a network of companies that fall under the American Residential Services company, which maintains locations in Phoenix and Tennessee. Goodrich, ARS Southwest Division Vice President, feels that acquiring Goettl will help to spread the quality service into Arizona and gain the Goettl experience and industry insight.

Goettl Air Conditioning sold to Tenn. contractor

ARS will keep the management team and will the company name, and they will continue to help the company reach its full potential. Recently, ARS has bought four companies in other states. Goodrich has a reputation for turning HVAC companies into a high earning companies, so his dedication to quality and service will help these companies reach their full potential. Officials from ARS are considering starting to manufacture the Goettl line of products again, which was a section of the business dropped due to low cost foreign companies. They wanted to fully start the Goettl company again.


Goettl Air comes with a long history, founded in 1939, and they have a history of helping people in the air cool from the harsh desert. Goodrich remembers the company from his childhood and went on service calls with his father. Goodrich wishes to revive the company and keep the vision of the Goettl name. This company will now join a larger company that spans 25 states.


2014 has been a year of milestones for the Goettl Air company. They celebrated their 75th anniversary and 25th anniversary with the same CEO, Dan Burke. Goettl has been a family business since its beginning in 1939. Goodrich, an HVAC veteran, bought it in 2012 and wanted to partner with Dan Burke to help bring Goettl into his vision for the company. Through this dynamic partnership, Goettl has been recognized for its excellence in service to Arizona.

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The Many Advantages of Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz Dean [] revolutionized hair care by replacing traditional hair shampoo with a unique cleansing conditioner. This cleansing conditioner is formulated to replace average shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and leave-in conditioners with one convenient product.

The cleansing power of natural herbs and botanical allows Wen By Chaz to avoid the use of harsh, over drying sulfates in their products. Wen products can strengthen, moisturize, and add shine to the most over processed hair. Stylists across the globe recommend Wen By Chaz for all hair types and textures.

Recently, a writer for Bustle wrote about Her Experience Using Wen. This article chronicles an entire week of using the Fig product line on fine, thin hair. The author reported that as soon as she applied the cleansing conditioner, her hair felt thicker. Her hair obviously becomes shinier and more manageable over the course of seven days. In closing, she endorses Wen for anyone with fine hair and recommends showering in the morning, as opposed to the evening, to obtain the best results.

Wen By Chaz comes with a trusted 60-day money back guarantee on, is made in America, and is never tested on animals. Using Wen is a safe, no risk process that highlights the natural beauty of your hair. Visit the Wen YouTube channel to watch ads and testimonials about this amazing brand.


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Doe Deere is Named one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere is a combination of personality and business savviness rolled into one powerful and inspirational entrepreneur. She is completely self-made and started her company on her own. Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the Lime Crime makeup company. Doe Deere is also an artist and makeup artist. She lives and breaths makeup and business.

Doe Deere credits her desire to start a makeup company because of always having a love of folk stories, fairy tales and using her imagination. Her very first experience with makeup was when she was nine years old. She and her two friends at the time were having a sleepover and decided to conjure spirits. They dressed like witches and she also did her makeup witchy looking. She admits that she wasn’t great at applying makeup until she was in her late twenties and had experimented with glitter, theater makeup and all sorts of things like that.

Her decision to name her makeup company Lime Crime happened due to Lime Crime being the name of her eBay store at first. She originally sold clothes at this online store, but started to sell her makeup creations on there. She didn’t know her makeup company was going to do as well as it did, otherwise she says she likely would have named it something else. She is both glad and bad that the Lime Crime makeup company does most of their business online. It’s easier to get orders and for customers to spread buzz about certain products, but ultimately the rumors that can be easily spread on the internet are not something she is a fan of. She mostly deals with hate for her company by ignoring it, but says that people should look for the truth rather than just believe the rumors. She points out that anyone can contact the Lime Crime customer support if they have an issue with a makeup product or have a concern with a rumor they may have spotted on the world wide web. In contrast to the haters, Lime Crime calls their fans unicorns. They call them unicorns because many of their customers are unique and creative. It’s a bit of a compliment that the company gives to their customers for being one of a kind.

Her personal style inspirations are Dita Von Teese the model and burlesque performer and her friends Stella Rose and Elena. Both of her friends have Instagram accounts you can look through if you need some style inspiration.

Doe Deere is pleased to have been named one of the top female entrepreneurs working today. She encourages all women to make that step into the business world if that is their dream.

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Thor Halvorssen’s Use Of The Media Is Quite Wise

When it comes human rights, it takes a lot more than just talking about issues to resolve the problem. Action eventually has to be taken. However, it can’t be just any type of action. It has to be a well thought out and planned action that would be effective for the issue. As of right now, the people that are fighting for human rights are the activists. However, in order to be a good activist, one has to be willing to get dirty and take some punishment. After all, tyranny is fierce and vicious. Appropriate action needs to be taken.

Among the activists that are more action oriented is Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen is an activist who goes way beyond theoretical knowledge. He is someone who has experienced the problems with human rights violations. He is working hard with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in order to take down the tyrants around the globe. He has shown so much passion towards human rights activism that he has founded his own organization called the Human Rights Foundation. This is where he and a few others take on the issues throughout the globe in order to create a more humane society for people all throughout the globe.

Thor Halvorssen makes it clear that he loves humanity and people. He avoids falling into that mindset of hating people. After all, if one has a truly negative mindset about people, then he is not going to be all that effective in the fight for human rights. He is also someone who takes care of his appearance so that he could more easily reach people. He is also not the first in his line to fight against government corruption and human rights violations. His father and mother have also fought the battles against horrid conditions.
Thor Halvorssen Recap
Order-ID: 15539311
Thor Halvorssen’s Use Of The Media Is Quite Wise
The Human Rights Foundation was started by Thor Halvorssen to ensure the rights of every oppressed person around the world. There are ethnic groups, disadvantaged peoples and minorities who are simply shoved to the side, and this article explains how Thor uses the media to make his message known. Anyone with a passing interest in human rights must follow Thor’s career with great interest.

#1: Thor Takes Every Media Appearance Possible

Thor is willing to accept media invitations from outlets across the globe. He has spoken to the most progressive and liberal outlets in the world, and he will tackle any topic presented to him. He uses the media to keep his message current, and he will bring up stories that may have been lost in the news cycle.

#2: Where Does Thor Go To Fight Tyranny?

Thor has been noted as a troublesome black spot for tyrants around the world, and his work with the HRF exposes tyrants who would have hidden in a world that did not have the Internet. Examples include North Korea and Angola where the stories of tyranny have never stopped, but citizens of the world were not keenly-aware of these nations and their atrocities until the Internet took over the world information stream.

#3: Thor Has The Respect Of World Leaders

Thor has the respect of world leaders who understand his commitment to human rights. He has taken audience with several world leaders who value his opinion, and every visit made is covered in the mainstream media. Viewers who may not be aware of the work of the HRF will learn quite a lot seeing Thor for the first time on the television, and he share new information in every subsequent interview.

The media strategy employed by Thor Halvorssen is quite brilliant given the status of world human rights issues. He is not afraid to bring up the same story time and again to protect those who are voiceless across the world.

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George Soros Helping Hillary Clinton Make History

The Democratic National Convention has wrapped up in Philadelphia, and by nominating a woman to lead the party they have made history. Now the hard part begins with daily speeches by prominent members of the party and the nominees, themselves, and fundraising for advertising dollars to drive home the plan and platform of the party. It is here where George Soros can play an important part and serve a valuable function in supporting a Democrat candidate. Soros has huge wealth, thanks to his erudite investing and his lifelong interest in the human condition. In the course of his lifetime he and his hedge fund have made billions. He even made more than $1 billion on a single investment in the foreign exchange markets in 1979. This windfall allowed him to form his Open Society Foundations, which strives to eliminate dictatorial regimes and closed societies and to make the idea of democracy universal.

Read more: George Soros’ Bubble Theory And The Current State Of The Markets

Soros respects and admires Hillary Clinton, and the feelings are mutual. George Soros has written more than a dozen books about the economy and the world. He is invited to give his opinions about economics around the world at numerous summits and meetings. Soros has experienced the best and the worst of political life on Bloomberg. His early years in Hungary were interrupted by the occupation of his country first by the German Army and later by the Russian Communists. When he moved to England, he sampled his first taste of a unique system of governance with a reagent and two houses of lawmakers. Then he moved to New York where he must have been astonished at the political and economic possibilities of that time. It was then that the United States of America was at an economic peak after the Second World War.

With his great wealth and the establishment of his foundation in 1979, George Soros sought to make a positive difference in the lives of all people around the globe. While most of the wealthiest people in America joined the Republican Party, Soros stood out as an advocate for the common man. His opposition to Republican politics and policies angered the right wing, and an intense smear campaign was launched against this altruistic man to discredit his name. Soros has not been affected by the flood of invectives and continues his struggles against repression and closed societies. George Soros has offered monetary help to Democrats to combat the exclusive economic policies of the Republican Party, which Soros knows only favors the richest people in America. Now he has found an ally in Hillary Clinton. She has benefitted from his largesse, and her campaign will receive millions from Soros in her struggle against Donald Trump. Clinton too is wise enough to express interest in his wisdom. She made an almost fatal mistake by claiming in debate that she considered Henry Kissinger, a Republican advisor, an ally. George Soros is a much better choice.

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