Philadelphia Lawyer Karl Heideck Starts Litigation and Compliance & Risk Management Legal Practice

Philadelphia Lawyer Karl HeideckAfter 7 years of practicing as a litigator attorney and specializing in compliance & risk management law, Karl Heideck has started his own law practice, in Jenkintown, PA. Heideck’s serving the Greater Philadelphia Area providing legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, small businesses, and organizations. His litigation expertise provided him with the necessary courtroom skills in corporate, civil, commercial, employment, and intellectual property laws. Mr. Heideck also possesses experience in legal writing, legal research, and information governance, such as, intellectual property and privacy & data security matters.

Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College and Temple UniversityKarl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College and Temple University Beasley School of Law earning his BA and JD certificates. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Literature and a Juris Doctor. In January 2010, Mr. Heideck joined Conrad O’Brien Law Firm as an associate attorney helping to negotiate legal disputes in the courts of law. He gained experience representing individuals and corporations in various high profiled cases of government investigations, white collar crimes, and sub-prime banking litigation. During the same year, he left Conrad O’Brien to be a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP specializing in quality control.

Pepper Hamilton became home for Karl Heideck for almost four years in preparing him to enter his private practice profession. He worked for the law firm until April 2014 and one year later, became a contract attorney reviewing materials for securities fraud and banking litigation in Greater Philadelphia. Mr. Heideck is presently focusing on governance information, risk management, acquisitions, and liquidity legal issues. He is certified in the State of Pennsylvania and practices general law, including accident, personal injury, bankruptcy, business law, real estate, and criminal. Karl Heideck Law Practice is located in Jenkintown, PA and serves the Philadelphia Area and surrounding cities.

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EOS Already Topping Earnings Charts After Only 7 Years

When EOS got its start 7 years ago, the creators probably had a very good idea that their product was going to take the industry by storm. After all, it was literally by design.

The creators, one of whom had many years of packaging experience, wanted to create a product that would sell. They wanted to go into an industry and give it a complete overhaul.

They wanted to ‘shake up’ stores’ beauty aisles. They decided on lip balms because, as co-creator says, the products “were indistinguishable” from the original, which was a whopping 100-years-old. He was quoted as saying, “It appeared to us that everybody in this category was being lazy. That was an opportunity.”

While lip balm had generally seen as a unisex item, consumer research told the creators that women were the ones who bought the product the most, by a very long shot.

They questioned women about what they wanted out of lip balm, and what they felt they got out of the existing brands. They were left in disbelief that the market that bought lip balm found the packaging inconvenient and the act of putting it on monotonous and boring. A co-creator was quoted as saying, “The products that women depend on every day should deliver moments of delight that elevate these daily routines”.

With their product in mind, they went about targeting Millennials through traditional advertising as well as influential advertising. In many ways, EOS lip balm is considered the father of influential advertising, as they hit a solid campaign to have beauty experts review their lip balms on blogs, youtube, facebook, and other social media outlets. The products are available on Racked outlets and Ulta online.

In just 7 years, they have already become the second best-selling lip balm on the market – a market that they not only helped to revolutionize – but, one that is expected to only grows. For more info, visit


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Flavio Maluf Is A Wise Entrepreneur Who Understands That Starting A Business Is Complicated

Mr. Flavio Maluf is a top executive and a leading successful businessman. Mr. Maluf is aware that to be a triumphant entrepreneur is an excessively complicated enterprise to become involved with. Such a large number of people are working under an incorrect ideology that to be victorious entrepreneur entails working for fewer hours every week, yet somehow managing to earn more income than they were bringing in when they were employed at someone’s business.

This is simply not the normal way of life for the majority of entrepreneurs. When one goes on the difficult journey to establish themselves as an entrepreneur, it is far more commonplace to work much longer hours. This is because as an entrepreneur, one has to to be responsible for all aspects of running the business at Scheduled working hours for entrepreneurs is simply not a reality, because they must be on the job all the time or the business simply cannot thrive.

Financial backing is a near critical factor for entrepreneurs to find achievable success. For one to embark upon a new business development without some form of financing is hardly ever the course for success. Mr. Flavio Maluf’s experience has shown him that an extensive amount of funding to develop a business is not a stipulation. The market is known to have a massive amount of business financiers who are on the look out for unique businesses to back.

If someone wants to begin their business in Brazil, such a business development is almost always difficult. 107 days is the typical amount of time before being allowed to legally form a business development on The same business in America, however, is only a five day wait. Such a delay could be extended, if the development needs to obtain documents for any required regulations or certifications on

Mr. Maluf is a skilled mechanical engineer who is behind the creation of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation on He speaks for the Eucatex and GrandFood firm as their president and has made many offshoots of the business in Brazil to export items to nearly 40 countries.

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George Soros – Reliving His Effort To Fight For Democratic Causes

George Soros is a Hungarian-born Jewish who came to the United States as an immigrant and is now a US citizen. He is known as one of the world’s most prominent hedge funders, opinion leaders, investors, political funders, and philanthropists. In the recent US Presidential election, George Soros spent close to $24 million in backing the Super PACs as well as directly funding the Hillary Clinton’s run for Presidency. He has been actively engaged in various charitable causes that he firmly believes, especially the Democratic causes. At 86, he is one of the most experienced investors and opinion leaders in the world according to, and he aims to support the causes he feels for through various means, including monetary support.

George Soros has been an avid funder for Democratic Party as the causes he and the party believe in are more or less on the same track. However, he backtracked his political spending after losing over $20 million to oust the then President Bush. He is in support of the ‘open society’ as is his claims, because he has suffered under the authoritarian pro-Nazi regime since his childhood. He had seen the death from close during the holocaust caused by the Nazis in Budapest when he was in the city as well. However, thanks to the connections of his father and some family friends, he and his family were able to leave the country. He went to study at London School of Economics and after that went to the US, which is his current home.

During the 2016 US Presidential Election, George Soros openly opposed Donald Trump for the presidency as he believed that he would prove to be a disaster in a country which is in desperate need for major reforms. George Soros is one of the most outspoken bipartisan political influencers in the United States. He through his charity wing “Open Society Foundation” funds approximately $400 million each year to charity causes and donations to the political leader and groups on Forbes. Few of the causes he supports wholeheartedly include Black Lives Matters, racial disparity, judiciary reforms, and more.

George Soros is one of the most influential Democratic supporters. This September he has committed $500 Million to support and fund businesses started by refugees and immigrants. George Soros was disappointed after Trump won the Presidential campaign, but says that his mission to support the democratic causes won’t stop. He has invested heavily in many different causes and feels that Trump’s victory puts everything at stake.

Soon after the victory of Trump, a conference of all the major donors of Democratic Party gathered to discuss the way ahead. George Soros says that the loss of Clinton is not going to stop him from fighting for the causes he believes.

Read more on NYTimes.

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Exploring the Services Offered by Equities First Holdings and those Who Benefit

Equities First Holdings has created a reputation for itself as one of the world’s leading stock-based loan providers. As a result, it has become a go-to provider for quick capital against the publicly traded stock. Loans provided by EFH are non-purpose. This means that borrowers can use the money for whatever purpose.

EFH specializes in providing various loans including margin loans and stock-based loans. These loans help individuals and businesses to attain quick working capital. According to the company’s CEO Al Christy, stock-based loans stand out more than margin loans. In fact, stock-based loans offer a greater loan to value ratio as opposed to margin loans.

Stock-based loans are accompanied by fixed interest rates, which give the borrower confidence throughout the transaction period. These loans also offer a hedge particularly during times of market instability. This helps to lower a borrower’s level of risk.

Borrowers who are not eligible for other types of credit-based loans can also get the desired capital through Equities First Holdings. Other borrowers who benefit from dealing with this company include those who require quick capital to undertake their personal or professional projects. The money can be used to grow business operations or even pay an expensive debt. Hence, Equity First Holdings is an ideal choice for borrowers who are in need of flexibility when it comes to using their capital.

Equity First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is one of the premier entities in the provision of alternative financing services and solutions. More specifically, EFH provides capital against a borrower’s publicly traded stock. This allows borrowers to cater to their financial obligations. The publicly traded stock serve as collateral for the borrowed money or capital.

Since its establishment in 2002, the company has managed to complete over 650 transactions, which are worth about $1.4 billion. Aside from its operations in the United States, Equity First Holdings has ventured into global frontiers. Currently, it boasts of offices in numerous locations including Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Perth, and London.

More visit:

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The Success Journey of White Shark Media Inc.

White Shark Media is a top Search Marketing agency founded in 2010, with offices in various parts of the world. Major offices are found in the United States, Central America and Denmark, employing more than 600 clients, and the average revenue of the marketing agency ranges from $3-$5 million. The company specializes in giving AdWords and Bing Ads Management services to small and medium scale businesses. It is aimed at helping in areas where customers have intentions to make money, but also offers web development, Pay per click management, landing page optimization and conversion optimization.


Product Listing Ads are offered to all E-commerce clients in management plans and full conversion tracking. Similarly, White Shark deals with Google Analytics implementation on all Shopify platforms, a department that has vast experience. The company boasts of maintaining good customer relations; in fact, its first customer still works with the company to date. Statistics picked up from various data sources showed that their client retention rate was between 8- 10 percent, which was relatively high compared to competitor companies. From the original setup to reaching major milestones in business, the company offers to fully manage your AdWords campaign, and you are assured of satisfactory outcome. You can get in touch with White Shark Media if you want some evaluations of AdWords campaign done for free.


Various testimonials have been given to recommend White Shark Media. Three years ago, Davek Accessories posted on the Shopify expert website praising the company for its outstanding service. They described their experience as accommodating, a terrific experience and worth for every pay. The company helped to update their online markets, which saw their orders increase by a very high margin.


Over the years, small-scale businesses have expressed their trust in White Shark Media. A recent post on White Shark Media’s website from a car service and limousine company based in Connecticut thanked the company for being friendly, professional, available and flexible to talk about their work and needs. The Connecticut company had since then seen a major improvement on its website, SEO and PPC. A tech support team from London on the same website described their excellent experience with White Shark Media. They, in particular, thanked Jake Schneider, an employee of the company for the good work he provided for them. He was described as extremely knowledgeable about AdWords, paid great attention to detail, readily available and responsive to new ideas for the campaign. In their final words, the support team vowed to recommend the marketing agency to anyone who asked for information.

These testimonials are just a drop in the ocean because White Shark Media has been offering satisfactory marketing services worldwide.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden Using Her Plastic Surgeon Practice to Empower People


A plastic surgeon plays a very important in role in the society. They help people who are self-conscious about their body or skin to feel even more confident. This is one factor that contributes to the success of an individual. Therefore, one can without a doubt say that Dr. Jennifer Walden is a life changer. She has a practice based in Austin Texas. She deals in plastic and corrective surgery of the face, breast and the body. She believes that through her services, she is able to impact the society in which she lives, positively.



Education Background


  1. Walden’s education background is to be envied. She attended the Austin- based, University of Texas from the year 1990 to the year 1994 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. This was before applying for a Medical degree at The University of Texas Medical Branch. She was put on a waiting list and was admitted in the year 1994. This was what led to her working so hard in Medical School. She wanted to prove to everyone that she deserved a direct entry to medical school. She graduated Salutatorian in the year 1998.


Residency Training


Upon graduating with a Medical degree, she was admitted to the Medical branch of Texas University for her general residency in the Surgery division. She stayed for a year before joining the plastic surgery division where her residency continued for four more years.



Fellowship and Career


In the year 2003, she was admitted to the Manhattan Ear, Eye and throat Hospital as one of the two candidates accepted that year. During her fellowship, she was placed under the mentorship of Sherrel Aston with whom she was later to begin a practice. Eight years after founding their Manhattan practice, Dr. Walden left for her hometown. She began a practice there. Today she is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is rated as one of the best plastic surgeons in the world.


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Karl Heideck Makes A Difference For Everyone

Karl Heideck Makes A Difference For EveryoneTechnically speaking there are two types of attorneys, Litigators and Transactional Attorneys. Before we can define a Litigation Attorney, first we must define what the term “litigation” means. The law definition defines it as being any lawsuit or other resort to the courts to determine a legal question or matter.

According to the Collins Dictionary of Law, litigation is the putting of a dispute before a court or tribunal. Considering this authority, we would have to come to understand that a litigation attorney is a lawyer who deals in the regards of voicing your dispute to a judge in order to help you as best he or she can through the representation of your case.

Who is Karl Heideck?

Karl Heideck Makes A Difference For EveryoneKarl Heideck is an ornamented Litigation Attorney currently working at Hire Counsel. He lives and works out of the Greater Philadelphia area and achieved his Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature/Letters back in 2003 before going on to Temple Law’s James E. Beasley School of Law where he managed to successfully achieve his J.D., Law.

Karl Heideck started out his career at Conrad O’Brien where he was an associate for eight months from January to August of 2010. After that he moved on to become a Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP through till April of 2014. Karl Heideck has exceptional experience in the realms of compliance and risk management alongside litigation. Heideck is greatly skilled in Legal Research, Legal Writing, and Corporate Law.

Karl Heideck currently stands as a pillar of the community and an astutely articulate intellectual who has done great things for his clients in the many years of long and hard work in his field. As an inspiring Litigator for the many individuals who look up to him, Karl Heideck is on the fast track to making positive change in numerous peoples’ lives and the world at large. We can all learn a whole lot from his dutiful hard work and unyielding dedication for his craft. Karl Heideck is a brilliant and bold lawyer who truly makes a real difference.

Find Karl Heideck on Crunchbase for more information.

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Curb Your Hunger And Prank Your Friends With These DIY Edible School Supplies


A really fun way to hide some tasty snacks amongst your school supplies is to make gummy crayons! According to Wengie, To do this, you’ll need gelatin, jelly flavorings that match your desired crayon colors, a few thick straws, and duct tape. Start by placing a section of duct tape on the bottoms of the straws, and then make incisions on the tape to easily wrap it around them. Repeat this step on the same end to make a strong seal. Then, place your straws in a tall glass or plastic bottle with the sealed side down. To make the gummy filling, place 100ml of water in a pot and stir in half a teaspoon of gelatin and one tablespoon of your flavored jelly. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 30 seconds before removing it from the heat. Once cooled, pour the liquid into your straw molds and then leave the straws in the fridge for around 6 hours to set. When they’ve set, simply remove the duct tape from the straws and squeeze the other end of the straws gently until your crayon jellies come out! Taper one end of the jellies to a point with a kitchen knife, then wrap the crayons in crayon wrappings that can be obtained by slicing them off real crayons. Using clear tape can secure the wrappings onto the jelly crayons. Once these fake crayons are placed in a real crayon box, you’ll be fooling everyone!


Another fun and easy food prank is to make edible pencil shavings! This can be done in only a few minutes with brazil nuts. Shape the nuts into points with an x-acto knife so that they fit easily into a pencil sharpener. Then, using a clean pencil sharpener, shave the nuts into pencil shaving look-alikes and use some food dye to paint the ends (this will make them look even more realistic). All you have to do at this point is put them in a container and prank your friends in class by eating your DIY brazil nut pencil shavings!

Learn more about Wengie:


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Joshe Verne And The Importance Of Self Belief And Being An Example

These days it is important for one to believe in himself. It is even more important for one to believe in the cause he is fighting for. In many cases, a lot of people are trying to achieve some goals of independence and success. This is a goal that is worth believing in. All one has to do is find a means to do this. A lot of people try their hand at running their own business. Josh Verne himself has tried it and has turned out to be a success at what he does. However, there are still a ton of lessons that are learned with success.


In Josh Verne’s case, he has learned more about the responsibility that comes with success. For one thing, the story does not end when one makes a lot of money from his business. This is just the beginning of another type of story. One has to know how to maintain the success he has gained. It is not uncommon for a lot of business to experience short lived success. This is why it is important to have a plan that includes working on a success venture and bringing it to a higher level.


A successful business owner also has a responsibility to his employees. Employees need to know how to work with the business owner. Therefore, it is important to focus more on the example in order to not only inspire confidence but also gain respect from employees. Josh Verne himself has gone over a lot of the lessons he has learned when he was running his business. One thing he has seen is that people who take the time to lead the way is going to be more respected than someone who does nothing but run his mouth.


Josh Verne also knows that people learn differently. They are not going to learn that much from words. This is something he has learned when he was trying to let his employees figure it out. Training is actually quite important when it comes to business. Not only do employees need to know how to do things in general, they also need to know how the business owner wants things done.

Find out more about Josh Verne:


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