PodcastOne chairman Norman Pattiz

A recent article discusses PodcastOne chairman Norman Pattiz, who recently announced the results of cutting edge marketing brand research. The study was conducted by the Edison Research company. You can find the article here, for a reference point:

Edison Research carried out three studies, in order to explore the advertising power of podcasts. This was conducted using five big brands. The results concluded that people were receptive to these ads via PodCast, and had an increased desire to buy the product. This was a win for both Norman Pattiz and Edison Research.

The results will hopefully aid in advertising and marketing campaigns. More excitedly, this shows that the “radio” or a form of it, at least, still survives to this day. That’s good news for those who love tuning in to their traditional radio stations. The hybrid of old fashioned radio with a new means of listening provides an intoxicating and unique experience for the ears to behold.

About Norman:

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz is the director and founder of PodCast One. A pioneer in the industry, Norman has over 40 years of experience in the radio business. Combining his old school radio expertise with a new world savvy, there’s not much he can’t get done, as evidenced by the studies conducted by Edison Research that prove PodCasting is an effective way to reach an audience.

Norman is as innovative as he is hard working, believing you should always be the first one to work and the last one to leave.


Considering his industrious nature, it’s no surprise that Norman has won many prestigious awards in the industry. Pattiz has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

In addition, he won the coveted Giants of Broadcasting Award In addition, PodCastOne is the leading PodCast company, delivering podcasts on the regular to thousands of people in the US and beyond. In fact, he’s reached people far in wide, forming stations like “Middle East Broadcasting,” “Radio Free Europe.” This is just an example of his radio expertise.


He doesn’t only do radio: Norman is a part of the Council of Foreign Relations, ss well as the Pacific Council on International Relations.

Norman has a wife, whom he has been married to for over 30 years. He currently resides in California. You can connect with Norman on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. He also has a website.

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WEN Can Do Your Hair Good

Wen offers a series of products that can improve the look and feel of a woman’s hair. Chaz Dean is the man who created WEN conditioning cleanser. WEN is a 2 in 1 unlike any other. WEN offers a cleansing conditioner that is made with the perfect blend of nutrients give a woman’s hair everything that it needs to be healthy and shiny. Many women rave about how their hair looks and feels after using WEN just one time. They say that they can feel the difference in their hair right away. Many women try WEN because they have seen different infomercials on QVC about this product, and they wanted to see if the product really works as good as it seems.

Dean is a professional Hair Stylist and cosmetologist. He set out to create a hair care product that could naturally and safely cleanse and condition a woman’s hair. Dean wanted his product to be free of unneeded chemicals and dyes. Dean worked for quite some time on his product, and he introduced it to some of his clients. His clients loved WEN conditioning cleanser, and he realized that he had created the exact product that he wanted. Now WEN is sold to thousands of women all around the world. He sells his products exclusively on the Wen.com website as well as partner store Guthy-Renker.

Emily McClure is a writer for The Bustle, and she also works in a salon. McClure is surrounded by different hair care products. McClure is a woman who has thin hair as well, so she cannot use just any hair care product. McClure tried WEN conditioning cleanser on her thin hair, and she was pleased with the results. McClure found that WEN worked best when it was washed out of her hair every day and reused. McClure does use her own set of hair care products, but she is very happy to add WEN to the mix.

Visit the Wen Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/

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Jason Halpern’s Stellar Record in the U.S. Real Estate Sector

Jason: A Successful Entrepreneur

With over 30 years of experience in real estate development, Jason Halpern created JMH Development to invest in developing commercial and residential structures. Halpern currently serves as the real estate firm’s managing partner. Since the company was established, it has facilitated the construction and management of over 100 New York-based properties.


JMH Development’s Investments

Jason @Aloft

JMH Development invested in the construction of residential apartments in Westchester County and NYC. The company is also known for constructing a Class A commercial structure in the lower region of Westchester County. As a full-service company, JMH Development owns a large portion of real estate developments in the U.S. Clients who acquire properties from JMH have praised the company for its technology-oriented and innovative approach to creating luxurious structures.

Jason with mates

One of the most successful renovation projects undertaken by JMH Development is 184 Kent Avenue. This project led to the construction of over 300 residential units in Brooklyn, New York. The project was also named under the National Historical Register for its sustainability and historical preservation approaches. In 2011, 184 Kent Avenue won a Building Brooklyn Award for its adaptive reuse strategies. Besides the project, JMH Development also developed The Townhouses of Cobble Hill.

Jason Halpern and His Working Team

The company relies on the expertise of real estate developers, such as Jason Halpern, to grow. Halpern is usually driven by vision and oversight when undertaking any managerial tasks. His leadership skills have enabled JMH Development to acquire and invest in high-value properties. The real estate entity is also on the verge of acquiring and preserving historical buildings.


Jason Halpern’s Work Philosophy


The real estate sector grows proportionally with technological advancements in the construction industry. According to Jason Halpern, this growth can be improved when developers incorporate sustainability principles in their endeavors. As an enthusiast of historical artifacts, Halpern believes that the cultural values of the community should be preserved when a residential or commercial structure is being constructed.

Romantic Jason

Charity Work


Jason Halpern is one of the few developers in the U.S. who cherish charity work. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center is among the leading institutions that have benefited from his financial support. This trauma center can provide patients with orthopedic surgery, open-heart surgery, and joint replacement services. The institution also strives to treat pregnant women, trauma victims, and kids.


Halpern enlisted financial support from JMH Development in collaborating with Splash and Relief Society of Tigray. The collaboration focused on addressing water shortage crises in Ethiopia and Nepal. In the contract, JMH Development had pledged to donate at least $20,000 from revenue generated from Three Hundred Collins, a residential structure in Miami. Since its inception, the collaboration has availed clean and safe water to more than 600 households of Ethiopia and Nepal.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On The Online Clothing Market

Kate Hudson decided to put her acting career on the back burner to create the fitness brand Fabletics. She teamed up with JustFab to create a line of products that net $250 million in revenue. They had only had a few years to get where they are, and now they are going head first with clothing retailers like Amazon.


Fabletics does not just sell products like other leading retailers, they sell subscriptions to a lifestyle. Customers prefer having the experts pick out their clothing and letting the subscription fees cover everything. This is setting a new trend the way that online clothing businesses operate. The exclusive club makes the customer feels special. All of the clothes are hand picked by professional stylists, rather than automatically generated by a computer.


Fabletics also has a chain of retail stores that practice the ‘reverse showroom’ technique. Many of the customers entering the store are already online shoppers that simply want to try on the clothes. The subscribers will pick out clothes to try on and submit them to the online shopping cart to purchase later. This allows for customers to pay a cheaper price online whilst being able to decide on the purchase later.


A Foodie Stays Fit offered her in depth review on how Fabletics operates and affects her fitness life. The online blogger mentioned that 2-3 outfits only costed no more than $59 per month. She also mentioned that the company did not charge her subscription fees for the months she decided to skip receiving clothes.


The blogger then went on to describe the quality of the product to be on par to Lululemon Underwunders. The leggings are thick, durable and have a nice compression effect. She was also impressed with the variety of colors and styles that were available. She stated that the company has just about anything for anybody.


You may also find a new line of swimwear by Fabletics. The swimwear is made from the same material as their athletic gear, and there are many sexy and sporty styles. The clothing also offers additional UV protection, making a trip to the beach even more safer.


Kate Hudson has been marketing her brand in radical ways on social media and television. The latest ad campaign became a controversial and viral hit. The commercial bleeped out an unknown word that implied whatever the viewer wanted to believe. The company is not afraid to use risque and dark humor when marking their brand. This type of advertisement bodes well with the modern, open-minded woman. The store had received and overwhelming number of positive attention and record sales with the campaign.


If anyone is still undecided, they are encouraged to take the Lifestyle Quiz from the website. This quiz asks many personal questions like clothing sizes, age, favorite color and favorite sports activities. The quiz will then calculate whether the e-commerce store has any products suitable for the quiz taker. This quiz will also help the curators pick out clothing if the user desires to become a subscriber.

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Life Line Screening Can Prevent Painful Leg Surgery As A Result Of Peripheral Artery Disease

Have you ever woken up with pins and needles in your feet? Does it hurt to get up and walk around after sitting for an extended period of time? If your legs are generally aching then you may be suffering from peripheral artery disease.

Peripheral artery disease happens when fatty plaques build up in your blood vessels leading to your limbs. It often causes leg pain by reducing blood flow to your lower extremities. Having this disease is often a sign of more blockages in your arteries elsewhere which can lead to stroke and heart attack.

Life Line Screening is a preventative healthcare initiative that performs ultrasound screenings which can identify peripheral artery disease. This type of medical condition builds slowly so it is critically important to get regular preventative screenings in order to identify peripheral artery disease and its very earliest stages.

It is incredibly important to identify peripheral artery disease in its infancy because the medical condition can be treated with lifestyle changes and medication. Taking preventative measures such as losing weight and quitting smoking can mitigate the effects of peripheral artery disease and lower your chances for stroke or heart attack. It can also reduce the pain that you feel in your legs.

Related: https:[email protected]

Ultrasound was originally created as a weapon of war during World War II. Now ultrasounds can be sent through the body in order to get a clear image of your ankle-brachial artery. By getting an image of this artery, Life Line Screening can tell you with a high degree of certainty whether you suffer from peripheral artery disease.

Life Line Screening allows you to get multiple ultrasound screenings per year in order to identify peripheral artery disease as well as many other medical conditions before they even begin. This can help you avoid painful surgeries where a catheter is inserted into the blood vessels of your legs.

Click here to learn more about Life Line Screening.

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Eric Lefkofsky Tempus, Accelerated Disruption and Philanthropic Work

What is Tempus?

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of several companies, his most well-known one is Tempus. Tempus is a leader in the field of cancer treatment. It is a health technological facility that helps to modernize cancer treatment by analyzing patients’ genetic codes in a molecular therapeutic context. Tempus is currently working with lung, breast and pancreatic cancer and expects to add more types as time goes on. By providing such precise information, Tempus helps physicians to better understand cancer tumors and to give patients exact treatment according to individual need.

Accelerated Disruption

Eric Lefkofsky has written a book called Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. Accelerated disruption is defined as a phenomenon that innovations often end up slipping through the cracks of the market because of the failure to realize that technology can overtake the new inventions in an instant. A disruptive business is one that is defined as offering a better choice in price, service, functionality and/or convenience from the way that those goods and services are currently being run.

In Accelerated Disruption, Eric shows the reader how to choose the right business to innovate, turning industrial pain into a competitive advantage, and how to test the new ideas under the radar. Accelerated Disruption’s bottom line is that it is more than possible for disruptive businesses to be established and sustained with the right conceptual and intellectual framework and contact him.

Eric Lefkofsky Philanthropy

In 2006, Eric and his wife, Elizabeth established a charitable trust called the Lefkofsky Foundation. The Foundation aims to fund organizations that are scientific, charitable and organizational. They fund over 50 such organizations from the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

In 2013, Eric and Elizabeth joined The Giving Pledge. The Giving Pledge is an organization that encourages people who are financially wealthy to share half of their net worth with philanthropic causes. It does so on moral rather than contractual grounds. The organization was established in June 2010 and aggregated a total of $125 billion from the first 40 pledgers. 154 couples and individuals were listed as pledgers by June 2016.

More visit: http://lefkofskyfoundation.com/

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Philadelphia Lawyer Karl Heideck Starts Litigation and Compliance & Risk Management Legal Practice

Philadelphia Lawyer Karl HeideckAfter 7 years of practicing as a litigator attorney and specializing in compliance & risk management law, Karl Heideck has started his own law practice, in Jenkintown, PA. Heideck’s serving the Greater Philadelphia Area providing legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, small businesses, and organizations. His litigation expertise provided him with the necessary courtroom skills in corporate, civil, commercial, employment, and intellectual property laws. Mr. Heideck also possesses experience in legal writing, legal research, and information governance, such as, intellectual property and privacy & data security matters.

Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College and Temple UniversityKarl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College and Temple University Beasley School of Law earning his BA and JD certificates. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Literature and a Juris Doctor. In January 2010, Mr. Heideck joined Conrad O’Brien Law Firm as an associate attorney helping to negotiate legal disputes in the courts of law. He gained experience representing individuals and corporations in various high profiled cases of government investigations, white collar crimes, and sub-prime banking litigation. During the same year, he left Conrad O’Brien to be a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP specializing in quality control.

Pepper Hamilton became home for Karl Heideck for almost four years in preparing him to enter his private practice profession. He worked for the law firm until April 2014 and one year later, became a contract attorney reviewing materials for securities fraud and banking litigation in Greater Philadelphia. Mr. Heideck is presently focusing on governance information, risk management, acquisitions, and liquidity legal issues. He is certified in the State of Pennsylvania and practices general law, including accident, personal injury, bankruptcy, business law, real estate, and criminal. Karl Heideck Law Practice is located in Jenkintown, PA and serves the Philadelphia Area and surrounding cities.

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EOS Already Topping Earnings Charts After Only 7 Years

When EOS got its start 7 years ago, the creators probably had a very good idea that their product was going to take the industry by storm. After all, it was literally by design.

The creators, one of whom had many years of packaging experience, wanted to create a product that would sell. They wanted to go into an industry and give it a complete overhaul.

They wanted to ‘shake up’ stores’ beauty aisles. They decided on lip balms because, as co-creator says, the products “were indistinguishable” from the original, which was a whopping 100-years-old. He was quoted as saying, “It appeared to us that everybody in this category was being lazy. That was an opportunity.”

While lip balm had generally seen as a unisex item, consumer research told the creators that women were the ones who bought the product the most, by a very long shot.

They questioned women about what they wanted out of lip balm, and what they felt they got out of the existing brands. They were left in disbelief that the market that bought lip balm found the packaging inconvenient and the act of putting it on monotonous and boring. A co-creator was quoted as saying, “The products that women depend on every day should deliver moments of delight that elevate these daily routines”.

With their product in mind, they went about targeting Millennials through traditional advertising as well as influential advertising. In many ways, EOS lip balm is considered the father of influential advertising, as they hit a solid campaign to have beauty experts review their lip balms on blogs, youtube, facebook, and other social media outlets. The products are available on Racked outlets and Ulta online.

In just 7 years, they have already become the second best-selling lip balm on the market – a market that they not only helped to revolutionize – but, one that is expected to only grows. For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.



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Flavio Maluf Is A Wise Entrepreneur Who Understands That Starting A Business Is Complicated

Mr. Flavio Maluf is a top executive and a leading successful businessman. Mr. Maluf is aware that to be a triumphant entrepreneur is an excessively complicated enterprise to become involved with. Such a large number of people are working under an incorrect ideology that to be victorious entrepreneur entails working for fewer hours every week, yet somehow managing to earn more income than they were bringing in when they were employed at someone’s business.

This is simply not the normal way of life for the majority of entrepreneurs. When one goes on the difficult journey to establish themselves as an entrepreneur, it is far more commonplace to work much longer hours. This is because as an entrepreneur, one has to to be responsible for all aspects of running the business at http://www.econoinfo.com.br/governanca-corporativa/posicao-acionaria?codigoCVM=5770. Scheduled working hours for entrepreneurs is simply not a reality, because they must be on the job all the time or the business simply cannot thrive.

Financial backing is a near critical factor for entrepreneurs to find achievable success. For one to embark upon a new business development without some form of financing is hardly ever the course for success. Mr. Flavio Maluf’s experience has shown him that an extensive amount of funding to develop a business is not a stipulation. The market is known to have a massive amount of business financiers who are on the look out for unique businesses to back.

If someone wants to begin their business in Brazil, such a business development is almost always difficult. 107 days is the typical amount of time before being allowed to legally form a business development on maringa.odiario.com. The same business in America, however, is only a five day wait. Such a delay could be extended, if the development needs to obtain documents for any required regulations or certifications on economia.estadao.com.br.

Mr. Maluf is a skilled mechanical engineer who is behind the creation of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation on Segs.com. He speaks for the Eucatex and GrandFood firm as their president and has made many offshoots of the business in Brazil to export items to nearly 40 countries.

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George Soros – Reliving His Effort To Fight For Democratic Causes

George Soros is a Hungarian-born Jewish who came to the United States as an immigrant and is now a US citizen. He is known as one of the world’s most prominent hedge funders, opinion leaders, investors, political funders, and philanthropists. In the recent US Presidential election, George Soros spent close to $24 million in backing the Super PACs as well as directly funding the Hillary Clinton’s run for Presidency. He has been actively engaged in various charitable causes that he firmly believes, especially the Democratic causes. At 86, he is one of the most experienced investors and opinion leaders in the world according to discoverthenetworks.org, and he aims to support the causes he feels for through various means, including monetary support.

George Soros has been an avid funder for Democratic Party as the causes he and the party believe in are more or less on the same track. However, he backtracked his political spending after losing over $20 million to oust the then President Bush. He is in support of the ‘open society’ as is his claims, because he has suffered under the authoritarian pro-Nazi regime since his childhood. He had seen the death from close during the holocaust caused by the Nazis in Budapest when he was in the city as well. However, thanks to the connections of his father and some family friends, he and his family were able to leave the country. He went to study at London School of Economics and after that went to the US, which is his current home.

During the 2016 US Presidential Election, George Soros openly opposed Donald Trump for the presidency as he believed that he would prove to be a disaster in a country which is in desperate need for major reforms. George Soros is one of the most outspoken bipartisan political influencers in the United States. He through his charity wing “Open Society Foundation” funds approximately $400 million each year to charity causes and donations to the political leader and groups on Forbes. Few of the causes he supports wholeheartedly include Black Lives Matters, racial disparity, judiciary reforms, and more.

George Soros is one of the most influential Democratic supporters. This September he has committed $500 Million to support and fund businesses started by refugees and immigrants. George Soros was disappointed after Trump won the Presidential campaign, but says that his mission to support the democratic causes won’t stop. He has invested heavily in many different causes and feels that Trump’s victory puts everything at stake.

Soon after the victory of Trump, a conference of all the major donors of Democratic Party gathered to discuss the way ahead. George Soros says that the loss of Clinton is not going to stop him from fighting for the causes he believes.

Read more on NYTimes.

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