Bruce Levenson Gives $5.6 Million For Philanthropy Education

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at The University of Maryland has been growing at a fast rate over recent years as increasing numbers of undergraduate and graduate students take on new learning options provided by the school. One of the major donors to the center is Bruce Levenson, who has consistently looked to find new ways of aiding the work of those studying and working within this innovative form of philanthropy education. PR Newswire reports Bruce Levenson of UCG and wife Karen have recently provided a gift of $5.6 million for the center to add to their initial seed funding that provided the basis for the establishment of the school. Both Bruce and Karen Levenson have been dedicated donors to the center, which has recently been looking to extend its good works into new areas of the campus and the world as a whole; some of the latest innovations at the center include the inclusion of programs based in India to provide a global education at undergraduate and graduate level. Although the Levenson family are proud of the role they have played in the establishment of The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership they are reported by PR Newswire as being just as proud of the way the school has changed the University of Maryland campus as a whole. Read the full PR Newswire article here: