The Artistry of Jon Urbana’s Blog

Jon Urbana made a name for himself in the world of professional lacrosse. Today, he runs a successful lacrosse camp that helps train potential future superstars in the sport. Jon Urbana is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and photography artist. Urbana is also a very prolific blogger and his blog is home to some truly interesting and unique entries.

Urbana’s love for fine food is on display at Facebook, and all over his blog. The entry featuring a picture of Ciabatta. Ciabatta is a fine wheat and olive oil bread that has a unique taste. The photo presenting the bread is a true work of art that highlights the its elegance.

He must have a strong love for Italian food. Another blog entry features a selection of various types of raw pasta held in red spoons. The documentation of Jon Urbana’s recent wins for Ellipse is very well captured, and his reaction on Twitter reflects another example of photo art that highlights the visual brilliance fine food is capable of presenting.

The entry on the “Happy Cup” allows Urbana to wax nostalgic about a trip to Aguascalientes and a local coffee. Coffee was served in a cup with a smiley face drawn on it. An image of the cup is reproduced on his Tumblr page and the photo does effectively capture the fun and whimsy of the café. Maybe this blog entry might spur a little tourism to the region and some business to the café.

Jon Urbana, not surprisingly, also delves into his passion for lacrosse on the blog. Lacrosse is not the only team sport he enjoys as an entry on the Mets and Dodgers battling it out in the playoffs is mentioned. Hopefully, Game 3 did live up to his expectations.

The entrepreneur’s musical tastes are revealed on the blog. WATGOOD – Crush by Bygore allows for some upbeat instrumental listening. Anyone who wants to get motivated to do something is going to discover listening to that beat helps the cause.

Urbana’s website is home to some very unique photo art and more. Jon Urbana also keeps his LinkedIn page updated regularly so there is always new and appealing content.