Help Ross Abelow Help The Pet Population and Go Fund Me Campaign

If dogs are said to be mans best friend, then why are they running the streets in search of food and shelter? Many unwanted animals are flooding the streets of New York. They are dumping trash cans in search of food. They are begging for love and companionship from others but they are scared. These dogs and cats are afraid that they may never find a friend. So they walk in between people’s legs on the street. They hide under parked cars and overturned trash cans. Some even try hiding in underground caverns. The question to this situation is what can we do to help these helpless animals?

Ross Abelow is one person that is trying to help. He is launching a go fund me campaign for strays and animal shelters. What we have learned so far is that there are not enough spaces in animal shelters for all of the unwanted and abandoned animals of the city. The food runs short each month and the cages stay full. Ross is hoping to raise at least $5000. dollars to help these animal shelters function a little better. If they had more money in their budget, the dogs would have enough food and blankets to keep them warm and fed. It is very inhumane to leave these pitiful animals out in the cold. Winters are harsh and finding food is difficult. One dollar will buy food for a week for one dog. One dollar from everyone in New York would help tremendously. Just think of all the help the animal shelters would have.

Ross Abelow is a lawyer that lives and works in New York area. He has a partner and together they try to help families to stay legal. Family law is not the only law he practices. He also practices corporate law. This is big business and is going to keep them very busy at the firm. Ross is a family man that cares about humanity and the little animals in the world. He has a heart and hopes he can help others see how important it is to reach out to others in the world. Ross spends most of his time in NY city so he knows all about the animals and homeless population. He hopes that everyone will open their hearts and wallets to help this cause. Homeless animals need our help. They need us to step up and take control. Check out Ross Abelow go fund me campaign for strays. Give if you can.

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