Doe Deere Does Not Let Fashion Hold Her Down

Doe Deere is a woman that puts no boundaries on her imagination and also no boundaries on her level of achievement. Doe Deere was born in the country of Russia, and when she was young her and her family immigrated to the United States. Doe Deere always had the dream of being a professional that worked in the fashion industry, but she went through different paths in order to get to being a entrepreneur of a very well-known and profitable cosmetology business.

Doe Deere started off making her own clothing. She would sell her clothing on eBay and she would be her own model. Many of Deere’s fans liked the way that her makeup looked, and they would give her compliments. Thanks to those many compliments, Deere realized that she had everything that she needed to start her own cosmetic line. Deere had been making her own makeup for a while, because she wanted to get more pigmented colors from her makeup. Deere realized that more women and men would like makeup that was highly pigmented and offered more interesting colors. That is how Lime Crime got started.

Doe Deere did an interview with Marlen Komar from The Bustle about some of her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. Even though Deere is a fashionista, she does not allow fashion to restrain her creativity. Fashion dictates that a woman should never wear colorful hair with colorful makeup. Deere breaks that rule by wearing bold colorful lips and bold eye colors together with unnatural hair colors. Deere loves socks. Even though fashion says that a woman should never wear open toed shoes and socks, Deere sports her favorite high-heeled, open-toed shoes with colorful socks.

Fashion generally tells a woman that she should dress her age, but Deere feels that she should dress however she wants. She does not allow an occasion or an age limit to tell her how she should dress and when she should wear her favorite outfits. Doe Deere loves to wear different patterns altogether, and she also enjoys wearing many colors all at the same time. Many individuals that are in the fashion world may think that Deere’s style is little bit over-the-top, but Doe Deere is a woman that sets her own rules when it comes to fashion and beauty. Doe Deere is also an entrepreneur, and she has inspired many individuals to follow their dreams as well.