Qnet Continued Philanthropy Endeavors

Qnet is part of the resolution by rhythm foundation in encouraging positive thoughts. The foundation is having a Facebook status which requires 500 positive comments for Qnet to donate a home pure red unit to institutions of children with special need in Taarana, Malaysia and Rashid center UAE. Apparently the call is a special one to everyone so that it can help change the world of the children in a special way by allowing them the opportunity to have the accessibility to clean water. Qnet looks forward to making the dreams of the charitable organizations true and also help in helping those with special needs enjoy their lives despite their inabilities with clean water. Every 500 comments warrant an organization the chance to have the children enjoy clean water. Every campaign by rhythm foundation is running for two weeks, in return, many children will be beneficiaries of the great move.

Qnet has been very participatory in helping to change the life of the underprivileged in society. The first and most famous move is by the organization which is a lead in direct selling in Asia allowing women to participating in their enterprise. Qnet allowed women to work with the company at their own schedules and flexibility; it has greatly contributed to positive change in many women lives all over Asia. In addition, women have been able to change the lives of their families and bring a positive impact to their communities. Qnet especial allows women to deal with their beauty products and cosmetics.

With operations in Asia and other global regions, Qnet is a popular company especially for its life enhancement products meant to improve the health of all persons. The firm has operations in Mussaffa, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and its online platform has helped in reaching other global regions of the world. The firm is also in partnership with Manchester City football club as the supplier of direct sales product. Direct sales an association state in Malaysia has marked Qnet as the lead in the division of direct sales especially in the distribution of products to consumers. Qnet firm also sponsors sports teams like soccer teams and basketball teams because of the motivation that lies behind teamwork.

The firm is famous for its participation in humanitarian aids and its ability to influence its employees to support the challenged in the society. Also, it has a partnership with Lions Club international and already has donated a dialysis machine to a hospital in Asia. Qnets’ success is relative to how the firm works hard to help the disadvantaged in society.