Philip Diehl Gives Amazing EPN Interview About Gold

Investors are always looking for novel and refreshing insights. Entrepreneurs are frequently interested in learning about new approaches in management. During an excellent interview on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN), Philip N. Diehl gave investors, entrepreneurs, and the curious a great deal of insight into the gold market.

Gold is always in the news because there is significant interest in the precious metal. As president of U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl has to have his pulse on the market in order to make solid decisions. Located in Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve has positioned itself as a top seller of precious metal coins. While the company does deal in platinum and silver assets, gold is the most popular. The public’s perception of gold guides decisions to invest in the metal.

Diehl quickly suggests concerns about the US Money Reserve and monetary policy are stimulating interest in buying gold. Once currency loses its value, people lose their net worth. Buying gold is, in essence, switching from currency and currency-backed assets to a precious metal. Diehl points out, as long as people are worried about the Federal Reserve, gold buying is going to maintain a solid level of popularity.

And then there are other factors leading people to buy into the gold market. Speculators influence decisions as well. Speculators usually have one reason to buy up gold. They want to see a major return on their investment. It makes logical sense to many to follow the path speculators are taking. In a similar vein, financial institutions may be buying up a lot of gold. This also guides people’s decision to purchase gold.

Diehl does hope people look towards any of their gold purchasing to be a long term one. Those who hope to “flip” gold quickly might not be on the right path. Diehl does not make direct advice on what to do, but he clearly suggests long term investments are generally better ones.

Diehl does suggest buying gold coins as opposed to bars and bullion. The legitimacy of the coins can be better ascertained. Coins also have collectible potential as well. Interestingly, Diehl is a former Director of the U.S. Mint. He does know a lot about government coins.

The complete interview with Diehl can be heard at the EPN website. The enlightening interview covers a lot of territory. Anyone thinking about buying gold could garner some guidance from Diehl’s words according to Good Search research.

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