Apartment Tour 2015!

It’s Wengie again back with another great video for you. Rocking her blonde hair with teal tips, Wengie has a fun video for you as she shows you her apartment! You’re all curious, it’s clear, so Wengie decided to show you her apartment before you died of curiosity!

Here goes!
Wengie is a top notch decorator, but no one is surprised by that based on her videos. When you see her entry way, you can see some nice, DIY furniture and storage ideas put to good use, clean white cabinetry as a sneak peek to her kitchen and a view of her living room.
As you go further into the apartment, you can see her open concept kitchen, all white and very clean and neatly organized. A view of her shoe rack can be seen beside her door. Girl’s got style!
As she moves into her living room, you can see a better view of the great, double ladder shelf unit. It’s got two shelves with top notch decorations as it shows all of Wengie’s favorite things, proudly displayed for all to see.
Ikea gets a lot of her business as she tells that her couch and television’s table are both from Ikea. Also, now a veiw of her gorgeous sun room is seen. It has a wall of windows with beautifully decorated shelving units and a table with stools.
She shows her work station with her Youtube Button proudly displayed, then moves on to show us in more detail her table and stools as well as some of her potted plants.
Her small bathroom is nothing short of beautiful with its dainty sink and plexi-glass shower stall.
Moving on to her bedroom, she shows a gorgeous, royal, red chair featured in a few of her videos. She found it on Ebay, second hand, in great condition. After cleaning it up a bit, it’s the perfect addition to her princess worthy bedroom.

It’s not very big, but Wengie really uses her space wisely and decorates it gorgeously.


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