Kate Hudson | The Fabulous Fabletics Queen

Anyone reading this knows all too well who Kate Hudson is. She a starlet that is the maker of the best athletic and night out gear around. Fabletics is a clothing line for the lazy gal at heart. She has the talent to fuse that with the fashionista in all of us.

What puts the fab in Fabletics is the fact that they are so interchangeable with the day. The basic tone of the clothing line is an athletic but feminine look. It features cool tanks, shorts and skirts. It has a array of colors that can be bold but, also earthy. It was a clever idea, the way she set up her business. She developed a club instead of just a way to order.

What you do is this. Invest the initial membership fee and against that, you purchase your first mix and match outfit. This means, you get a great outfit from Fabletics worth more than what you paid for the membership. There are a few ways to be a member as well and you choose what is convenient for you. Then, you can pay the fee each month, skip a month if need be and go back again.

Her designs take you from workouts, to simple athletics, to a night out on the town and even the beach! Yes, just this last summer, she came out with a style Of Fabletics that is made for the beach with wraps and over clothing that will take you straight to a club or if you’re not that type–then to dinner.

The point is, you can take your whole day out on the town and never wear another fashion line but Fabletics by Kate Hudson. And the best part is, it’s catching on so everyone will eventually know you’re wearing the best.

Source: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/