George Soros Helping Hillary Clinton Make History

The Democratic National Convention has wrapped up in Philadelphia, and by nominating a woman to lead the party they have made history. Now the hard part begins with daily speeches by prominent members of the party and the nominees, themselves, and fundraising for advertising dollars to drive home the plan and platform of the party. It is here where George Soros can play an important part and serve a valuable function in supporting a Democrat candidate. Soros has huge wealth, thanks to his erudite investing and his lifelong interest in the human condition. In the course of his lifetime he and his hedge fund have made billions. He even made more than $1 billion on a single investment in the foreign exchange markets in 1979. This windfall allowed him to form his Open Society Foundations, which strives to eliminate dictatorial regimes and closed societies and to make the idea of democracy universal.

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Soros respects and admires Hillary Clinton, and the feelings are mutual. George Soros has written more than a dozen books about the economy and the world. He is invited to give his opinions about economics around the world at numerous summits and meetings. Soros has experienced the best and the worst of political life on Bloomberg. His early years in Hungary were interrupted by the occupation of his country first by the German Army and later by the Russian Communists. When he moved to England, he sampled his first taste of a unique system of governance with a reagent and two houses of lawmakers. Then he moved to New York where he must have been astonished at the political and economic possibilities of that time. It was then that the United States of America was at an economic peak after the Second World War.

With his great wealth and the establishment of his foundation in 1979, George Soros sought to make a positive difference in the lives of all people around the globe. While most of the wealthiest people in America joined the Republican Party, Soros stood out as an advocate for the common man. His opposition to Republican politics and policies angered the right wing, and an intense smear campaign was launched against this altruistic man to discredit his name. Soros has not been affected by the flood of invectives and continues his struggles against repression and closed societies. George Soros has offered monetary help to Democrats to combat the exclusive economic policies of the Republican Party, which Soros knows only favors the richest people in America. Now he has found an ally in Hillary Clinton. She has benefitted from his largesse, and her campaign will receive millions from Soros in her struggle against Donald Trump. Clinton too is wise enough to express interest in his wisdom. She made an almost fatal mistake by claiming in debate that she considered Henry Kissinger, a Republican advisor, an ally. George Soros is a much better choice.