Thor Halvorssen’s Use Of The Media Is Quite Wise

When it comes human rights, it takes a lot more than just talking about issues to resolve the problem. Action eventually has to be taken. However, it can’t be just any type of action. It has to be a well thought out and planned action that would be effective for the issue. As of right now, the people that are fighting for human rights are the activists. However, in order to be a good activist, one has to be willing to get dirty and take some punishment. After all, tyranny is fierce and vicious. Appropriate action needs to be taken.

Among the activists that are more action oriented is Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen is an activist who goes way beyond theoretical knowledge. He is someone who has experienced the problems with human rights violations. He is working hard with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in order to take down the tyrants around the globe. He has shown so much passion towards human rights activism that he has founded his own organization called the Human Rights Foundation. This is where he and a few others take on the issues throughout the globe in order to create a more humane society for people all throughout the globe.

Thor Halvorssen makes it clear that he loves humanity and people. He avoids falling into that mindset of hating people. After all, if one has a truly negative mindset about people, then he is not going to be all that effective in the fight for human rights. He is also someone who takes care of his appearance so that he could more easily reach people. He is also not the first in his line to fight against government corruption and human rights violations. His father and mother have also fought the battles against horrid conditions.
Thor Halvorssen Recap
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Thor Halvorssen’s Use Of The Media Is Quite Wise
The Human Rights Foundation was started by Thor Halvorssen to ensure the rights of every oppressed person around the world. There are ethnic groups, disadvantaged peoples and minorities who are simply shoved to the side, and this article explains how Thor uses the media to make his message known. Anyone with a passing interest in human rights must follow Thor’s career with great interest.

#1: Thor Takes Every Media Appearance Possible

Thor is willing to accept media invitations from outlets across the globe. He has spoken to the most progressive and liberal outlets in the world, and he will tackle any topic presented to him. He uses the media to keep his message current, and he will bring up stories that may have been lost in the news cycle.

#2: Where Does Thor Go To Fight Tyranny?

Thor has been noted as a troublesome black spot for tyrants around the world, and his work with the HRF exposes tyrants who would have hidden in a world that did not have the Internet. Examples include North Korea and Angola where the stories of tyranny have never stopped, but citizens of the world were not keenly-aware of these nations and their atrocities until the Internet took over the world information stream.

#3: Thor Has The Respect Of World Leaders

Thor has the respect of world leaders who understand his commitment to human rights. He has taken audience with several world leaders who value his opinion, and every visit made is covered in the mainstream media. Viewers who may not be aware of the work of the HRF will learn quite a lot seeing Thor for the first time on the television, and he share new information in every subsequent interview.

The media strategy employed by Thor Halvorssen is quite brilliant given the status of world human rights issues. He is not afraid to bring up the same story time and again to protect those who are voiceless across the world.