Doe Deere is Named one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere is a combination of personality and business savviness rolled into one powerful and inspirational entrepreneur. She is completely self-made and started her company on her own. Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the Lime Crime makeup company. Doe Deere is also an artist and makeup artist. She lives and breaths makeup and business.

Doe Deere credits her desire to start a makeup company because of always having a love of folk stories, fairy tales and using her imagination. Her very first experience with makeup was when she was nine years old. She and her two friends at the time were having a sleepover and decided to conjure spirits. They dressed like witches and she also did her makeup witchy looking. She admits that she wasn’t great at applying makeup until she was in her late twenties and had experimented with glitter, theater makeup and all sorts of things like that.

Her decision to name her makeup company Lime Crime happened due to Lime Crime being the name of her eBay store at first. She originally sold clothes at this online store, but started to sell her makeup creations on there. She didn’t know her makeup company was going to do as well as it did, otherwise she says she likely would have named it something else. She is both glad and bad that the Lime Crime makeup company does most of their business online. It’s easier to get orders and for customers to spread buzz about certain products, but ultimately the rumors that can be easily spread on the internet are not something she is a fan of. She mostly deals with hate for her company by ignoring it, but says that people should look for the truth rather than just believe the rumors. She points out that anyone can contact the Lime Crime customer support if they have an issue with a makeup product or have a concern with a rumor they may have spotted on the world wide web. In contrast to the haters, Lime Crime calls their fans unicorns. They call them unicorns because many of their customers are unique and creative. It’s a bit of a compliment that the company gives to their customers for being one of a kind.

Her personal style inspirations are Dita Von Teese the model and burlesque performer and her friends Stella Rose and Elena. Both of her friends have Instagram accounts you can look through if you need some style inspiration.

Doe Deere is pleased to have been named one of the top female entrepreneurs working today. She encourages all women to make that step into the business world if that is their dream.

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