Securus Makes Jails Safer

The primary position of a correctional officer is to provide safety to the inmates and security within the jail. They are intended to ensure that there are no problems and that the inmates are being properly taken care of. While they may have secondary duties, many correctional officers are overwhelmed with the complaints and the grievances that they must submit on a daily basis. Inmates have a lot to complain about and collecting these complaints can actually distract an officer from his job to keep the prison safe. Complaints are a big issue in prison and can make things less safe for the people who are there and who run the prison.

It is important to note that Securus is not an actual security company as the name might suggest, but one that is able to make the jail more secure by taking some of the pressure off of the correctional officers. They have created a program with automated forms that allow the inmates to easily and quickly submit complaints to administration. These do not have to go through correctional officers. This allows the officers to truly take care of the prison and the people who are in it: they can focus on the safety and the security of the prison.

Securus is not a company that provides only automated forms for people who are in the jail. They also provide commissary avenues, ways for inmates to talk to loved ones on the phone, and even email programs that allow another form of communication with the outside world. Securus works by putting kiosks in the prison for inmates to use when they want to do something. They hope to have kiosks in jails across America to help take some of the pressure off of the correctional officers who run the prison.