Fabletics VIP Membership: How Does it Work?

Friends have been raving non-stop about the Fablectics VIP program that provides members with great deals on work-out outfits each month! Though there are several retail shops, Fabletics, for the moment, is mainly an online endeavor.

While it is possible to simply order apparel from the site on a one-off basis as a Regular member, most customers opt to sign up for one of the VIP memberships. Regular members pay full-price, can purchase as much or as little as they like, and most times will have to pay for shipping and handling. VIP members, on the other hand, receive their initial outfit at $25 with shipping included. The VIP program of Fabletics is an automatically occurring monthly “credit” of $49.95.

Upon signing up, you will take a short quiz to help determine your sportswear apparel styles on Pinterest. This information contributes to suggested outfits that will be emailed to you each month. From the first to the fifth, you will need to log on if you would like to skip that month. Skipping is easy to do, and if you elect that option, you will not be charged the $49.95 fee for the month, but be aware, you will also be unable to purchase any items at the VIP rates.

If you do not opt to skip the month , the $49.95 monthly fee will be added as a credit toward any purchases from Fabletics that you would like to make. There is no deadline for using these funds. All VIP apparel is priced at a very reasonable rate, and again, will be shipped for free. If you would like to discontinue your membership, there is a customer service line to call that will take care of everything for you.

The clothes are super cute and of good quality, especially for the VIP price. In addition to performance attire for women, Fabletics also sells accessories such as yoga mats, totes, hair accessories, scarves, socks, and water bottles, to name just a few! Fabletics has also recently introduced a full line of men’s workout attire, swim suits and athleisure dresses.

Give the VIP program a look, it can help you build your workout wardrobe without breaking the bank! The price points are definitely a steal for the level of quality of the products, especially with their on-trend, fashion forward styles. When you factor in the ability to skip months and cancel at anytime, the program is fairly risk free.