Clients Come First at Equities First Holdings

Businesses and individual investors are turning to Equities First Holdings, LLC for their lending needs. They are a security based lending institution that has made an impact on the way people receive loans in a tough economic climate. Traditional ways of financing became more difficult when banks started to place more restrictions on loans. Investors needed another option and Equities First Holdings provided them with a viable solution.

Founded in 2002

It all started in 2002 when Equities First Holdings began its foray into the world of finance. They hit the ground running and immediately began offering alternative financing options to investors. EFH uses financing plans that involve the use of publicly traded stock for capital. This allows investors to obtain the money they need without the problems that may be attached to traditional financing methods. Clients find that the costs and terms that are normally attached to a transaction are lower with Equities First Holdings.

Success Speaks Volumes

Equities First Holdings is on pace to break loan transaction records and are continually expanding their assets on a global scale. They have several locations around the world including Sydney, Perth, London, Bangkok, and Singapore. Equities First Holdings operates its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and is currently in nine different countries. Their expansion over the last few years has given them the opportunity to serve more investors than ever before.

Client Based

Equities First Holdings puts their clients first and are prepared to go the extra mile to get them the financing they need with affordable fixed interest rates. They base their business around a code of integrity and strive to minimize the risk on each transaction. EFH uses a straightforward transparent approach to financing and applies full disclosure methods when dealing with clients. Equities First Holdings knows that the financial world is constantly changing and that they must remain flexible when dealing with the economic swings. They have a long list of success stories based on loans that are tailored to fit the borrower’s specifications. Equities First Holdings have teamed up with investment banks, law firms, and custodian banks to guarantee the best possible lending results.

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