Pros and Cons of Wikipedia to Your Reputation

Most business professionals own Wikipedia profiles to receive business notifications. Some seek market through Wikipedia whereas others seek human traffic and interaction. A Wikipedia page makes business easy, no need for hard sales to earn a profit. Although Wikipedia has advantages to businesses, it has some disadvantages because just like any other social media platform, Wikipedia profiles can be vandalized.

A good example is the hacking of Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia profile. According to recent Hollywood reports, Angelina Jolie is divorcing Brad Pitt because for cheating on her with Marion Cotillard, a French actress. Two days ago, someone vandalized Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia and edited her occupation to read as the reason why the Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up; hence ruining her reputation. As the scenario portrays, Wikipedia pages can be hacked to ruin an individual’s reputation.

Pros of owning Wikipedia

Building Trust

Acquiring a Wikipedia page allows you to add a higher level of experience to your profile by giving you more credibility. Wikipedia incorporates business professionalism by providing quick information to clients. It allows a business to promote its brands to the potential customers at a low cost.


Since most people use Wikipedia daily, it will boost your sales and image even for the startups. If more people view your Wikipedia profile, they will develop interest and purchase the product.

More Leads Equals More Sales

When you create a Wikipedia page equals higher search rankings, therefore, it boosts sales because of the massive exposure. Also, Wikipedia is a social platform for job seekers and client interaction. It enhances credibility by directing customers to your business.


Wikipedia adds a level of authenticity, prestige, and content to the market by providing websites to businesses where they build positive image.

Enhanced Visibility

Wikipedia enhances product visibility by increasing your rank in search engine results. The prospective client gets to reach you before other service providers, especially if they are looking for substitute products and services.

Business Editing

The site allows you to edit a Wiki page, biography or business before posting. Depending on career or business growth, users can update Wikipedia profiles.

About Get Your Wiki Company

Get Your Wiki is a company specializes in various Wikipedia services including:

• Wikipedia Monitoring
Wikipedia is an editable social platform by malicious persons. Wiki Company offers monitoring services to ensure accurate Wiki edits on time.

• Wikipedia Translations
Depending on your target market, the team is qualified to translate your Wikipedia page into your preferred language.

• Wikipedia Profile Creation
Get Your Wiki features skilled Wikipedia editors to create incredible Wikipedia pages with updated client information.


Wikipedia is an efficient business tool used for positive presentation of products and services. However, you can only reap its benefits by adhering to guidelines because failure may result to the termination of your profile.