Keith Mann: A CEO and Leader of Today

Keith Mann is no ordinary CEO. He founded DSP (Dynamics Search Partners) and has since wasted no time in helping people get better access to services and improvement opportunities by donating to charity. In fact, recently, DSP was able to help raise $22,000 in a fundraising event that financial people came to. The funds went toward an organization called Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools is responsible for helping kids get testing preparation and build practical skills to do better in higher education and beyond.


In fact, some of the funding even went toward building a brand new charter high school in Brooklyn, New York. And to make sure the students had everything they needed for testing,Keith Mann and associates gave $10,000 beforehand. In fact, DSP has worked closely with Uncommon Schools since 2013. Keith Mann said he appreciates their hard work and looks forward to helping them innovate in the arena of education in the future as well.


About Keith Mann


Keith Mann is the CEO of DSP, which he also founded. He has a decade and a half of experience in the field of financial services. This includes hedge funds, hiring, firing, and strategy. He worked at DES previously, allowing him to see firsthand how to place executives in global firms. This led to him seeing an opportunity.


In 2002 he started his own branch from his current company. He expanded into hedge funds, eventually founding DSP, which Mann runs now. The firm focuses on providing services to alternative investment firms.