Inspiring Information about Eric Lefkofsky and His Zeal for Community Improvement

Born in 1969, Eric Lefkofsky was born in Southfield, Michigan to Bill and Sandy together with his two siblings Steven and Jodi. He attended High School in Southfield-Lathrup and did well where he later joined the University of Michigan. His pursuit of the bachelors was equally successful and after graduating in 1991, he proceeded to join the School of Law in Michigan University which earned him his Juris Doctor in 1993.


Eric Lefkofsky is a renowned entrepreneur in America with amazing skills that he exhibited while in campus. He begun selling carpet while in Michigan University and by 2001 he became a co-founder of InnerWorkings in whose management he remained until October 2012. Throughout this period this company registered amazingly great success.


Worth noting is that Eric and his wife Elizabeth are passionate about charity works. They even founded a philanthropic trust which aimed at funding scientific, benevolent as well as educational organizations across the globe. Mainly it focuses on children, and is recorded to have supported over 50 organizations so far. In their organization, Lefkofsky Family Foundation, they also give frequently in support of cancer research.


For community betterment, Eric engaged in a teaching career where he taught business around the schools in Chicago. Still in the Chicago area, Lefkofsky sits in the Board of Directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital, the Art Institute of Chicago and other organizations which exhibit his great interest in developing the Chicago community.


About Tempus and Lefkofsky’s influence


Tempus is a high-tech health facility aimed at improving how cancer treatment is offered. Lefkofsky is the president and has dedicated much of his resources, particularly time and money to this venture. Although he seems to have a lot in store regarding Tempus, Lefkofsky has remained silent. His idea of impelling the next revolution in the healthcare industry is perhaps the next big thing. Although as at now Tempus is focusing on patients suffering from lung, breast and pancreatic cancer, it is expected that they will advance to more cancer types over time.


Majorly what Tempus does is to gather and analyze huge genomic data amounts by use of statistical scrutiny and exclusive algorithms. It helps them unearth chances to aid their medics in customizing medication fit for their patients. They have an interest in raising standards as far as cancer treatment is concerned. In Tempus it is believed that when the doctors understand the patient’s lump, it becomes easier to make use of the instantaneous, customized and data-focused treatment methods.


Irrefutably, Eric Lefkofsky is making such an indelible mark in the healthcare industry. He may not always comment much on mails but he is working behind the scene. Having taken the hazard personally, he makes extraordinary funding to propel his vision.

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