The Product Development Behind Evolution of Smooth’s Lip Balm

It takes a certain type of drive to go up against established giants in the oral care industry. This type of drive was present in the people who founded Evolution of Smooth. While the success of products from EOS lip balm might seem as though it happened overnight, the truth is that the co-founders of the company put a lot of research into their product development. An online article details the steps the company went through in creating a product that would outsell their competition. Before any development took place, they took an in-depth look at what was currently available for lip balms in the oral care industry.

The Product Development

When the team at Evolution of Smooth took a look at the lip balms available on the market they noticed one outstanding feature that led to their innovative package development. The leading manufacturers of lip balms had used the same type of package to contain their product. The tube used to contain the current lip balms had not been changed since the product’s inception. The team at EOS knew they needed to revolutionize the packaging in order to get their product noticed. They decided to use a spherical design for the container of their product.

Marketing to Women

Another feature that stood out when the team looked at the current lip balms was that they were basically generic. Deciding to take a step toward placing their product in the category of beauty, they decided to market it to women. The team conducted a survey using a panel of women to gain a better understanding of what would appeal to them. This became a highly useful marketing strategy because it provided the company with the information they needed to make their product a success. The EOS lip balm was designed to appeal to a woman’s sense of smell, taste, sight and touch.

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