Josh Verne Discusses Keys to Success in Recent Interview

On a recent podcast interview, entrepreneur Josh Verne sat down to talk about his latest business experiences. Josh discussion about his latest business was quite intriguing. However, Verne would talk about success and how to best get yourself in position to experience it. Josh Verne emphasized things such as leadership, listening, life balance, work satisfaction and also seeking a balanced lifestyle as the best ways to become successful. He believes that it is very important for people to lead by example and give people autonomy to benefit an organization. Verne also believes that you must look to make sure that all parts of your life are fulfilling as it will lead to a healthier lifestyle.


On the interview, Josh stated that when leading a group of people, it is important to pursue your goals by allowing others to work with you and pursue their goals. This will lead to everyone working together to meet a number of objectives. Josh told people on the podcast that being a good leader and succeeding depends on good communication skills as well. He believes that it is important to listen more than you speak. When you do this, you will be a more effective speaker and people will take your feedback more seriously. As well as possessing good leadership and communication skills, Josh says that it is important to truly enjoy your occupation if you want to be successful. He also says that it is important to make sure that you have good health and a pleasant home life if you want to truly experience success in life.


Josh is now an entrepreneur who owns a company called FlockU. He cofounded the company in 2014 and looked to take advantage of marketing to college students. With this business, Verne has been able to provide content marketing an e-commerce to college students who are looking to purchase a number of quality merchandise more easily. This company is also able to help college students learn more about current events taking place on campus as well. As a result, Josh Verne’s company FlockU has emerged as one of the top marketing companies around.


Verne is also the co owner of another business called Workpays. Before he participated in entrepreneurship, Josh worked in retail sales for a number of years. He held high level positions at retail companies where he was in charge of their sales division. When he worked at these companies, he was able to help them achieve great sales results. Prior to working for major retail companies as a sales professional, Josh worked for his family as he would serve as a warehouse clerk at a furniture distribution business.