Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Print Media Achievements

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified cosmetic surgeon who currently operates her own office at the Westlake Medical Center in Austin, Texas. She is certified by the American Board and is highly trained in cosmetic surgery. Once practicing in New York she now operates her practice in Austin Texas where she lives with her family. Dr. Walden is not only known as one of the top plastic surgeons but she is also highly regarded for her work with different charitable foundations as well as a leading voice for women in both the media world as well as the medical world.


Dr. Walden is not only a published author but she has also been published in many articles and has received many Awards for her excellent research papers as well as her dedication to the medical field. She is often sought after for her knowledge on such topics as soft tissue injectables, teenage plastic surgery, minimal invasive procedures, General Medical questions and so much more. Below are just some of the top print media that Dr. Walden has appeared in.


Health Magazine


In May of 2015 Dr. Walden was featured in Health Magazine. Health Magazine is one of the top leading magazines in the world. Her Article focuses on breast size and specifically talks about the discrepancies that can arise with different breast sizes. Dr. Walden weighs in and offers readers some tips and tricks for even breast sizes especially after breastfeeding.


MD Monthly


MD monthly is a very popular Medical magazine. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been featured in it numerous times for her amazing work in the medical field. Throughout the article Walden discusses her love and passion for working in the medical field. She also talks about her mission to keep using industry-leading technology to create new ways to advance the medical field.


Texas Monthly


Dr. Walden was featured in the issue of Texas monthly after being honored as a Texas super doctor around December of 2014. Walden was honored to be voted a Texas super doctor which is a list of outstanding Physicians that offer more than 40 Medical Specialties and have a high degree of professional achievement.


These are just a few of the print media magazines that Dr. Walden has been featured in. She has also been featured in a variety of other magazines as well as being featured on a ton of social media sites and different sites in the medical field. For many years her opinions and knowledge in the medical field have both been honored and respected by patients and doctors all over the world.