Adam Goldenberg Paves A New Path In Fashion

Women’s fashion was an unlikely industry for two young executives to make their mark in. Adam Goldenberg began his career as an entrepreneur. He created a startup company called Gamers Alliance when he was a young teenager. He sold the company to Intermix. Soon after selling Gamers Alliance Adam moved across the country to become a high-ranking member of the corporate team on He was named Chief Operations Officer at the organization by the age of 20. This made him one of the youngest executives in the nation.

Adam Goldenberg met Don Ressler at Intermix. Don was an innovative businessman in his own right. The two learned that they had a lot in common. When Intermix was sold to a large organization on, Adam and Don decided to go it on their own. They believed that the talent that they used to sell their companies would be a perfect fit for the fashion industry.

Adam Goldenberg teamed with super star actress Kate Hudson to create the brand known as Fabletics. Fabletics is a line of women’s athletic wear that is sold online through the company website. Shoppers are able to browse the site. However, a membership is required to purchase the items at a discounted price. The products are then shipped to the desired location. The memberships give Don and Adam a unique insight to the kind of people who are buying their products. Members are encouraged to fill out a profile on the site. The information at in the profile is used to develop a recommended shopping routine for each consumer.

The program creates an interactive relationship with the brand and the customer. It inspires shoppers to spend and not simply browse. Membership profiles also give the Fabletics staff an idea of what items are trending with certain customers. This allows them to maintain a very accurate stock of merchandise that will have a great possibility of selling. A high sales rate of the merchandise on hand prevents overstocking products that will not make money. The savings ultimately go to the consumer by saving the company large amounts capital. The success of the Fabletics business model has led to the opening of brick-and-mortar locations.