Curb Your Hunger And Prank Your Friends With These DIY Edible School Supplies


A really fun way to hide some tasty snacks amongst your school supplies is to make gummy crayons! According to Wengie, To do this, you’ll need gelatin, jelly flavorings that match your desired crayon colors, a few thick straws, and duct tape. Start by placing a section of duct tape on the bottoms of the straws, and then make incisions on the tape to easily wrap it around them. Repeat this step on the same end to make a strong seal. Then, place your straws in a tall glass or plastic bottle with the sealed side down. To make the gummy filling, place 100ml of water in a pot and stir in half a teaspoon of gelatin and one tablespoon of your flavored jelly. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 30 seconds before removing it from the heat. Once cooled, pour the liquid into your straw molds and then leave the straws in the fridge for around 6 hours to set. When they’ve set, simply remove the duct tape from the straws and squeeze the other end of the straws gently until your crayon jellies come out! Taper one end of the jellies to a point with a kitchen knife, then wrap the crayons in crayon wrappings that can be obtained by slicing them off real crayons. Using clear tape can secure the wrappings onto the jelly crayons. Once these fake crayons are placed in a real crayon box, you’ll be fooling everyone!


Another fun and easy food prank is to make edible pencil shavings! This can be done in only a few minutes with brazil nuts. Shape the nuts into points with an x-acto knife so that they fit easily into a pencil sharpener. Then, using a clean pencil sharpener, shave the nuts into pencil shaving look-alikes and use some food dye to paint the ends (this will make them look even more realistic). All you have to do at this point is put them in a container and prank your friends in class by eating your DIY brazil nut pencil shavings!

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