The Success Journey of White Shark Media Inc.

White Shark Media is a top Search Marketing agency founded in 2010, with offices in various parts of the world. Major offices are found in the United States, Central America and Denmark, employing more than 600 clients, and the average revenue of the marketing agency ranges from $3-$5 million. The company specializes in giving AdWords and Bing Ads Management services to small and medium scale businesses. It is aimed at helping in areas where customers have intentions to make money, but also offers web development, Pay per click management, landing page optimization and conversion optimization.


Product Listing Ads are offered to all E-commerce clients in management plans and full conversion tracking. Similarly, White Shark deals with Google Analytics implementation on all Shopify platforms, a department that has vast experience. The company boasts of maintaining good customer relations; in fact, its first customer still works with the company to date. Statistics picked up from various data sources showed that their client retention rate was between 8- 10 percent, which was relatively high compared to competitor companies. From the original setup to reaching major milestones in business, the company offers to fully manage your AdWords campaign, and you are assured of satisfactory outcome. You can get in touch with White Shark Media if you want some evaluations of AdWords campaign done for free.


Various testimonials have been given to recommend White Shark Media. Three years ago, Davek Accessories posted on the Shopify expert website praising the company for its outstanding service. They described their experience as accommodating, a terrific experience and worth for every pay. The company helped to update their online markets, which saw their orders increase by a very high margin.


Over the years, small-scale businesses have expressed their trust in White Shark Media. A recent post on White Shark Media’s website from a car service and limousine company based in Connecticut thanked the company for being friendly, professional, available and flexible to talk about their work and needs. The Connecticut company had since then seen a major improvement on its website, SEO and PPC. A tech support team from London on the same website described their excellent experience with White Shark Media. They, in particular, thanked Jake Schneider, an employee of the company for the good work he provided for them. He was described as extremely knowledgeable about AdWords, paid great attention to detail, readily available and responsive to new ideas for the campaign. In their final words, the support team vowed to recommend the marketing agency to anyone who asked for information.

These testimonials are just a drop in the ocean because White Shark Media has been offering satisfactory marketing services worldwide.