Eric Lefkofsky Tempus, Accelerated Disruption and Philanthropic Work

What is Tempus?

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of several companies, his most well-known one is Tempus. Tempus is a leader in the field of cancer treatment. It is a health technological facility that helps to modernize cancer treatment by analyzing patients’ genetic codes in a molecular therapeutic context. Tempus is currently working with lung, breast and pancreatic cancer and expects to add more types as time goes on. By providing such precise information, Tempus helps physicians to better understand cancer tumors and to give patients exact treatment according to individual need.

Accelerated Disruption

Eric Lefkofsky has written a book called Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. Accelerated disruption is defined as a phenomenon that innovations often end up slipping through the cracks of the market because of the failure to realize that technology can overtake the new inventions in an instant. A disruptive business is one that is defined as offering a better choice in price, service, functionality and/or convenience from the way that those goods and services are currently being run.

In Accelerated Disruption, Eric shows the reader how to choose the right business to innovate, turning industrial pain into a competitive advantage, and how to test the new ideas under the radar. Accelerated Disruption’s bottom line is that it is more than possible for disruptive businesses to be established and sustained with the right conceptual and intellectual framework and contact him.

Eric Lefkofsky Philanthropy

In 2006, Eric and his wife, Elizabeth established a charitable trust called the Lefkofsky Foundation. The Foundation aims to fund organizations that are scientific, charitable and organizational. They fund over 50 such organizations from the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

In 2013, Eric and Elizabeth joined The Giving Pledge. The Giving Pledge is an organization that encourages people who are financially wealthy to share half of their net worth with philanthropic causes. It does so on moral rather than contractual grounds. The organization was established in June 2010 and aggregated a total of $125 billion from the first 40 pledgers. 154 couples and individuals were listed as pledgers by June 2016.

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