Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On The Online Clothing Market

Kate Hudson decided to put her acting career on the back burner to create the fitness brand Fabletics. She teamed up with JustFab to create a line of products that net $250 million in revenue. They had only had a few years to get where they are, and now they are going head first with clothing retailers like Amazon.


Fabletics does not just sell products like other leading retailers, they sell subscriptions to a lifestyle. Customers prefer having the experts pick out their clothing and letting the subscription fees cover everything. This is setting a new trend the way that online clothing businesses operate. The exclusive club makes the customer feels special. All of the clothes are hand picked by professional stylists, rather than automatically generated by a computer.


Fabletics also has a chain of retail stores that practice the ‘reverse showroom’ technique. Many of the customers entering the store are already online shoppers that simply want to try on the clothes. The subscribers will pick out clothes to try on and submit them to the online shopping cart to purchase later. This allows for customers to pay a cheaper price online whilst being able to decide on the purchase later.


A Foodie Stays Fit offered her in depth review on how Fabletics operates and affects her fitness life. The online blogger mentioned that 2-3 outfits only costed no more than $59 per month. She also mentioned that the company did not charge her subscription fees for the months she decided to skip receiving clothes.


The blogger then went on to describe the quality of the product to be on par to Lululemon Underwunders. The leggings are thick, durable and have a nice compression effect. She was also impressed with the variety of colors and styles that were available. She stated that the company has just about anything for anybody.


You may also find a new line of swimwear by Fabletics. The swimwear is made from the same material as their athletic gear, and there are many sexy and sporty styles. The clothing also offers additional UV protection, making a trip to the beach even more safer.


Kate Hudson has been marketing her brand in radical ways on social media and television. The latest ad campaign became a controversial and viral hit. The commercial bleeped out an unknown word that implied whatever the viewer wanted to believe. The company is not afraid to use risque and dark humor when marking their brand. This type of advertisement bodes well with the modern, open-minded woman. The store had received and overwhelming number of positive attention and record sales with the campaign.


If anyone is still undecided, they are encouraged to take the Lifestyle Quiz from the website. This quiz asks many personal questions like clothing sizes, age, favorite color and favorite sports activities. The quiz will then calculate whether the e-commerce store has any products suitable for the quiz taker. This quiz will also help the curators pick out clothing if the user desires to become a subscriber.