Marc Sparks the Successful Entrepreneur

An American businessman, Marc Sparks is also a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Based in Dallas, Texas, he is the head of the Timber Creek Capital. Marc Sparks currently has many portfolio companies. He operates and owns a number of businesses. Marc is involved heavily in the telecommunication sector and has involvement with Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media and also Cardinal Telecom. He has also been involved in venture investing, real estate and also business solutions. Marc Sparks attributes his success to passion, hard work, commitment and discipline. From humble beginnings, Marc Sparks was able to rise up and become a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

A philanthropist, Marc Sparks has been involved in many different philanthropic activities in Dallas and also outside. He is involved with Samaritan Inn which is a home shelter. He offers both his time and resources towards this charitable organization. Marc Sparks has a reputation as a person who is passionate about giving back to the community. Marc has also constructed homes with the Habitat for Humanity, an organization that provides homes and shelter to the homeless and the needy in the society. Marc supports the American Can Academy which is a high school magnet program based in Dallas.

Marc Sparks is an author and is writing a book currently known as They Can’t Eat You. This book is meant to prove to people that it is possible to become successful in any type of business. The book also talks about his personal life and also highlights the tips to a successful career. With his story, Marc Sparks aims to inspire people from all over the world. From a C student, Marc Sparks was able to work hard went on to become a successful entrepreneur in America. Marc Sparks serves as a mentor and inspires many upcoming entrepreneurs that it is possible to make it. He assists entrepreneurs in developing their new businesses so that they can change into companies that generate revenue. According to Marc Sparks, acquiring resources and building a business model is the beginning of a successful business. Under his leadership, Timber Creek Capital has been able to grow and expand.