The Future According to Jason Hope

The Internet of Things is the most recent and fascinating futuristic idea, more than likely to have aspects trickle through over the next few years. The most basic explanation of The Internet of Things is that it will lead to a society where every appliance and device is linked together in a huge network. Anything that includes software, electronics, and sensors has the capability to connect and make daily life a whole lot easier. By adding convience to our lives, we could potentially have the ability to program coffee makers with cell phones, turn lights on and off, or even connect to vehicles to know what’s wrong with our cars before taking them into the shop.

The main man behind The Internet of Things is Jason Hope. Known more popularly as a futurist and tech guru, he is a widely successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has a clear understanding and passion for technology which allows him to accurately predict trends in the technology industry. Jason Hope strongly believes that The Internet of Things is going to play the most important role in modern society and really have a huge impact on daily life. With the capabilities our smart phones and tablets currently have, it’s only a matter of months before ideas stemming from The Internet of Things will be begin to ring true.

Not only does Jason Hope use his predictions to create wealth for himself, he makes sure to give back through his philanthropy work as well. His most notable contributions are the ones he has made to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation primarily focuses on anti aging and uses biotechnology to find treatments capable of preventing degenerative diseases. Overall, this would lead to a better quality of life for every human on the plant. One of the many reasons why Jason Hope is so passionate and eager to donate to this foundation among many others.

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