Securus Technologies Keeping Fugitives on the Run

When my task force is called to a city, you know that the worst of the worst is roaming the streets. This month we were called out because a suspect had broken out of a detention center and was seeking revenge for anyone he assumed had cooperated with authorities concerning his initial arrest. Already he beat a suspect within an inch of their life, and had already tried to run another off the highway. His lack of concern for arrest put an entire community on high-alert.


The trouble we had no was that no one in this fugitive’s inner circle was willing to come forward for fear of being his next target. With leads drying up but innocent bodies piling up, we had to think fast and get this suspect into custody quickly. Knowing that he might go after an innocent victim, we decided to go to the prison to see if the inmates knew more than they were letting on. It was around this time that we discovered several inmates had people on the outside they were concerned about.


The trouble we had was no inmate would talk to us in detail for fear of retribution by other inmates because they cooperated. We decided to make use of the Securus Technologies inmate call system to do work in the shadows. The LBS software can pick up on specific chatter between inmates and family, so we listened in concerning our suspect. It wasn’t long before we got the help we needed.


Inmate after inmate were expressing concern to their family they could be targets, and to avoid all contact with a certain person who was not on our radar. This person was actually housing our fugitive, and we sprung into action that day to discover him fast asleep and unable to fight off our officers.