Clays Siegall leadership into the new era

In the 1988 Clay Siegall saw an opportunity within the field of genetic and biotechnology and founded Seattle Genetic. The main agenda of the company is trying out new approaches through advancing the techniques of innovating, designing and developing a new prototype of drugs. Evidence of success in the past few years is visible with the antibody-drug conjugate they created. In the field of oncology, it’s one of its kind.

The evolution and effect of cancer are enormous; hence it’s not in vain that research institutions and the government are plumbing in a lot of investment in resolving for a cure. Seattle Genetics has taken upon themselves to ensure that they put all their effort in the production of a more effective drug with the least amount of side effects.

In the treatment of lymphoma more so the Hodgkin lymphoma great strides toward a cure are available now, with the new drug ADCRETIS. The success is notable since the drugs are already sold out in more than 60 countries.

With his Bachelor degree in zoology from Maryland University and Ph.D. from the University of Washington, Clay Siegall indeed is given some credit for the massive growth of Seattle Genetics. He holds vast knowledge about the field based on more 70 publications written in his name. Additionally, on the side of invention, he proved his worth with 15 certified patents.

What inspired his combative approach in finding a solution for cancer was an episode from his life, nearly twenty years ago, he saw his beloved father die helplessly in the hospital due to lack of a cure for cancer. At the time the information about oncology was limited, and the field was struggling. It’s for the reason that years later he formed Seattle Genetic. Up to date he the company grew and made a massive partnership with other stakeholders within the field of genetics and biotechnology at large.