John Holt Continues to Serve as CEO in 13th Best Texas Bank

John Holt is the president and CEOof Nexbank Capital Inc. Jon Holt has on previous occasions acted as a task force member at the Texas Association of Bankers. The association held its 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Holt participated in the Banker Panel Discussion which was held on 7th November 2016. The discussion held was on Reinventing Community Banking Perspectives on Competing by Innovation. The forum issues its invitations to major bank leaders, advisers, and consultants. It also holds discussions on the challenges facing a majority of the community bank leaders.

Nexbank is a company that offers financial services on three main avenues: commercial, institutional and mortgage banking. The bank provides financial and banking services that are customized. Nationwide, the bank boasts of serving a network of individuals, institutional clients, corporation, and other leading financial institution.

The bank has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and is the 13th biggest bank in Texas State. The bank is also ranked at position 200 in the full national ranking. The bank was established in the year 1934 and by March of 2017, the bank had expanded to have86 workers in all its 4 locations. Nexbank has a boisterous money market rate that is two times more than the national average. The bank is also respectable seeing that it health rating is an A.

The core mission of Nexbank is to deliver exceptional value at every opportunity. Clients are given the access to unmatched solutions that are delivered by esteemed professionals of an exemplary reputation. The bank aims to help in providing best solutions to meet any complex or specialized needs of their clients.

As of 31st March 2017, Nexbank had $5.3 billion regarding assets. The bank has an executive team of managers who are chaired by the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.p. Mr. James Dondero the directors heading the bank offer a leadership experience that is committed towards the success of the company. Leadership in the bank is focused on commerce enterprise thus offering the best financial services to clients of all calibers.