Dr. Jennifer Walden Says Plastic Surgeon is Her Life

The Austin born and bred Dr. Jennifer Walden says that being a cosmetic surgeon is a path that demands a lot of sacrifice from a woman. Case in point, one has to postpone her child bearing age because of the many years which she dedicates to the career. Dr. Walden, the plastic surgeon, says that one has to commit 5 years to medical studies after their first degree. Moreover one also has to commit some more years to fellowship in which time they perfect their skills before fully launching into the practice. Dr. Walden says that there are about 8000 surgeons, who are certified by the board, and of all these, only 851 are women. The number is further narrows as only 180 are in the Aesthetic Surgery Plastic surgery association. Until recently, Dr. Walden says that Plastic Surgery was unwelcoming to women and so many shunned the career. Dr. Walden on LinkedIn.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Career

Dr. Jennifer career review reveals that she was more interested in medicine because she was always a bright student. Moreover, she desired to pursue a humanitarian course in which she would help people as she made her living. Dr. Walden also loves beauty and so fixing people in cosmetic surgery became her career choice.

Dr. Jennifer went to the University of Texas and was the second best student in her graduating class. Afterward, she joined the Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship in Manhattan Hospital. Afterward, she established her care in New York and the phase was nothing but a success. However, after a while, she decided to go back to Texas where she established her career.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews career review reveals that she has been in plastic surgery practice for more than 8 years. She mainly deals with face lifts, rhinoplasties also called nose jobs, breast augmentation, eyelid lifts and other such procedures. Most of these cost between $7000 to $10000 in her estimation.

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