Whitney Wolfe Gets Married and Inspires Even More People to Check Out Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has done what many people were not expecting. She decided to jump the broom and get married. This is a bold move for Whitney Wolfe, but it shows that she was really thinking about showing the world that there is still hope for love and Marriage.

So many people that are single are somewhat cynical about the concept of marriage. Many people have ditched the concept of happily ever after, and the initial dating app that Whitney Wolfe was associated with was often considered to be a hook-up app. This is what people thought of dating apps. Whitney Wolfe wanted people to believe that they can find love, but she knew that there were also people that were looking at her dating app as another hookup spot in the beginning.

She did not want to be boxed into a hole as a person that had co-founded a hook-up app. When she created Bumble she wanted a dating app where women would be in control. She wanted to give them a chance to make the first move, and she wanted people to know that it was a diverse app that could actually explore the possibility of love. Whitney Wolfe has made great strides with Bumble, and she is also creating the rooms where people can actually meet and interact in person after they have made a match through her Bumble app. This is showing singles that Whitney Wolfe is willing to go the extra mile to help people find love.

Now that she has gotten married at a wedding on the Amalfi Coast it is evident that millennials do still believe in love. That is what Whitney Wolfe exemplifies now as she makes the next move to expand Bumble into other territory. People are getting a feel for what Bumble provides has a total all around social media experience. There are some people that like the Bumble BFF portion of this company that allows them to make friends. Others are checking out Bumble Bizz because this provides them with a platform to engage in networking. Whitney Wolfe may have taken on the concept of the dating app, but she is showing people that she has so much more in store for the social media arena. She is full of surprises, and her recent wedding is an indication of that. It is one more thing for singles to buzz about.

Whitney Wolfe Social Media: www.instagram.com/whitwolfe/?hl=en