Doe Deere’s Rules of Success for Business

The successful Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere saw her prosperous makeup business start from the ground roots and shoot up into beautiful colored flowers. She often loves giving inspirational speeches and advice for her fellow female entrepreneurs. Her five rules of success are to: have passion, grow your skills, fix problems, learn, and take risks. Learn more:


Passion is the power behind every business. You cannot have success with your business if you don’t have enough passion and obsession for it. Your business will not flower if you are not constantly caretaking over it. You must feed your business with the sunlight and water of your passion. Doe Deere has always been passionate about style and makeup, so her Lime Crime business was an easy focus for her passion to feed.

Grow Your Skills

Growing your skills is constant when you have a business. Pay attention to trends in the market. Make sure to grow your skills in being able to read or predict trends for your business. Constantly furthering your education with classes, workshops, and with supplemental information will also help you improve your skills for your business to flourish.

Fix Problems

Having a business results in problems. There will always be hiccups and issues. You will be responsible in having to fix those issues. You will be able to handle this with plenty of foresight and drive for your business. Learn how to understand how to solve problems carefully. Doe Deere does analysis on problems all the time with her business. She looks at all the possible solutions to fix a problem to improve her business. Learn more:


Looking into how other entrepreneurs do business will assist you in knowing how to handle your endeavors. Study books written by entrepreneurs who have had successes and failures with their business. These will help you realize different solutions to keep your business growing and healthy. Entrepreneurs sometimes do speeches at places to help other entrepreneurs out. You should attend some of these as well.

Seize the Opportunity to Take Risks

Taking risks is a part of being a business owner. Taking risks on products or services you offer is one way to have more attention to your business. You should not take unnecessary risks of course. Following your gut on risk taking is important. Doe Deere loves to experiment with different products for her company. She regularly takes risks with the kinds of products that Lime Crime sells. This keeps her company fresh and interesting to beauty consumers.