Oncotarget: Connecting Doctors Through A Newsletter

Medical journals are always something doctors, and surgeons tend to read often as it gives them a much-needed insight into the field of medicine and helps them keep up with the newest developments in the field. One medical newsletter, in particular, has been making waves around the world and has attracted thousands of subscribers. The newsletter was called Oncotarget and was founded by Mikhail Blagosklonny in 2010. Being an oncologist himself, Mikhail was able to gauge what it was that doctors all over the world want to read about and has been able to formulate the newsletter in that manner. One could say that Oncotarget is a newsletter for doctors, by doctors.

The newsletter regularly publishes articles that deal with the various aspects of oncology. The newspaper is incredibly diverse in the range of topics that it tries to cover. Articles about new research methodologies, new treatments, new drugs, iconic cases are a few examples of the kind of articles that Oncotarget publishes. One of the main reasons why Mikhail Blagosklonny decided to start the newsletter was so that he could provide oncologists with a portal that gives them access to everything that is relevant in the field that they are in.The newsletter operates as a peer to peer review journal which means that people from all over the world are welcomed to contribute their work to the journal or write about things that pertain to oncology.

If a doctor has worked on a notable case and wanted to submit its summary to the journal, he or she can do so because of this system. Doctors who have something to say and like to write about medicine now have a platform to be able to share their views with the world, which is one of the defining characteristics of Oncotarget.The newsletter is published weekly and can be accessed by anyone who wants to subscribe to it, regardless if you are a doctor or not. Today, the journal is one of the most sought-after oncological journals, and numerous doctors depend on this to get their insights into the medical field and the field of oncology.