The Vision of Borie Development Becomes a Reality

According to the article on, the Boraie Development Company was founded in 1986 by Omar Boraie, and it’s categorized under warehouses and buildings. It is a private company located in Brunswick, NJ. Also, it has around 35 employees who have helped to bring the company’s vision to reality. Currently, the company generates an annual revenue of about 9,279,614. Boraie offers some services in real estate markets such as property management, real estate development, sales, and marketing.

According to the company’s website, the employees of Boraie have always worked hard to ensure clients receive the best services and also to have the best and quality properties. On the other hand, Boraie has always ensured it worked with visionary architects, contractors that can meet deadlines and strong financial institutions that support it thus enabled them to become successful. Omar started Boraie Development Company to rebuild New Jersey and that has come to be a reality taking a look at the properties he owns and how successful he has become. For more details visit Fundacity.

According to the article in the New Jersey Stage, at times, the Boraie Company always tries to give back to the people for instance, during the summer they ensure they sponsor the best series to offer free summer movies series. They offer free tickets to enable youths, family members, and other people can have fun during summer by watching the best and favorite movies. The State Theatre is one of the best venues in history that Boraie has been able to offer for viewing of these movies. Most people find watching movies in theatres to be fun during the summer thus Boraie takes this opportunity to offer them free tickets.

That offer enables people from all backgrounds to enjoy their summer in the best way possible by watching the best series. Most families always turn up for such events, making it the best summer holidays. People who love watching movies during this season always get the best experience watching movies by use of an HD cinema projection that is modern and contains a Barco projector, 46’Stewart film screen, and digital surroundings. People get the best experience, especially when viewing it from the balcony or downstairs without having any challenges. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

Omar Boraie has the best properties that have made New Jersey the best place for any kind of activity. That is because there is space to carry out professional activities such as law firms and offices. Through the company, the required development has been achieved resulting in its success. As years go by, Boraie continues to earn more revenue and possessing more properties that have helped other people carry out their activities easily. Omar had a vision for New Jersey, which has become a reality to him and the community.

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