Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating Apps, Gets Married and Becomes Mogul

The dating app industry may have never seen a dating app mogul, but it appears that Whitney Wolfe is definitely on her way to becoming one. After a company like Match.com made an offer for as much as four hundred million dollars to buy Bumble it became obvious that Whitney Wolfe would be someone that could really thrive in the dating app community.The recent Bumble app CEO got married recently in southern Italy, and many of the Bumble users have become acquainted with the app because they are seeing pictures of her wedding. Lots of people are discovering this app for the first time because her wedding has gained so much attention. This attention that has been given to her wedding is courtesy of well-known magazines like Vogue.

The Huffington Post and Harper’s Bazaar also reported on the Whirlwind wedding that appeared to be majestic and very much like a fairytale for the dating app princess. Whitney Wolfe has shown the world that she is a true business leader, and she is doing exactly what business leaders do. Whitney Wolfe is on the go, and she is making the next step. She is not resting on her laurels and dwelling in the success that has become the 20 million user Bumble dating app. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe has already set her sights on bigger and brighter things. She is taking the time to really pull together ideals from her staff. She is looking at research and working on those ways to develop a brand that can stand out from the competition. No small amount of competition when it comes to dating apps.

This is evident. The reality, however, is that Whitney Wolfe is taking the world by storm. She is creating a unique app for herself. This gives her the ability to really build a better presence as she works towards doing more with her company. Our individuality makes her someone that people pay attention to. This makes her a person that continues to aim for the sky because people are paying attention. She is not simply lurking in the background as her app goes on autopilot. Whitney Wolfe is connecting with users and finding out what they want from Bumble. She is doing her best to make this a company that people will still remember 10 or 20 years from today. Whitney Wolfe is searching for longevity.

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