Oncotarget Now Printing Two Weekly Journals in High-Ranking Scientific Records

Oncotarget is a medical journal that primarily focuses on cancer research and oncology. The journal plays a critical role in informing those people endeavoring in cancer research and other issues relating to the medical field entirely. They have been releasing their open-access findings on a weekly basis, although the demand for their content has gone up. We can concur that one thing that is unique about Oncortarget is the way they review their content. Oncotarget ensures that they counter-check their editorials before passing them on to the world. Mikhail Blagosklonny co-works with Andrei Gudkov where they serve as chief editors, something that gives the journal a higher rank. Their ever-growing impact has compelled them to be publishing two issues in a week.

Oncotarget Takes Their Game a Notch Higher

All this time, we have probably known that Oncotarget identifies with high profile scientific indexes and archives. Lately, they have promised to take their game higher in all ways. Apart from succeeding in publishing two weekly peer-reviewed pieces, they are also doing their best to ensure that they make the information known to many more practitioners and scientific researchers across the world. At the same time, they have increased their areas of specialty. Beyond oncology, Oncotarget is also addressing issues to do with immunology, microbiology, pathology, autophagy, chromosomes, and aging. Having an opportunity to be the first research journal to tender their issues to PubMed confirms to us that they are growing to become real global influencers.

An Overview of Oncotarget’s Level of Influence in the Research Sector

Oncortarget is a journal that continues to influence cancer research and the healthcare industry as a whole. Those of us who have heard a lot more about the journal know that it epitomizes accuracy, insight, and useful findings. The papers are published online to allow researchers from all walks to benefit from the information. More so, the journal only passes fully verified data to avoid ever misleading anyone. For this reason, they have earned an impact factor of 5.168, which is a perfect score.