OSI Group president, David McDonald


OSI Group is one of the global companies, which is making great strides ahead. The company has various branches in different parts of the world such as in United states, Europe as well as China. The company has a variety of amazing features making it grow fast. What are these features? OSI Group has an excellent global network as well as good local management teams. The local management team have a greater understanding of the cultures as well as tastes of their respective consumers enhancing the company’s growth. In this work, we will examine the OSI Group president, David McDonald.

David McDonald’s education and work background

David McDonald was awarded a bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa state university in 1987. He then began working with the OSI groups. He has worked in various capacities such as the project manager, member of company directors and he rose up to its president. He also serves at the American meat institute as the chairman of the board of directors. Moreover, he has been an independent director in Marfrig global foods S.A.

OSI group’s sustainability

One of the things he has done to improve the firms sustainability is enhancing the teamwork between the company’s in house team and managers in every region. The managers gather information about their local consumer’s tastes as well as cultures. They then share the data with the in house team who then manufacture the products that fit those preferences. It has greatly helped in enhancing sustainability as understanding the customers preference is the key thing in every business. He also engaged other manufacturers to assist in developing processes that will enhance food safety and quality. And also monitoring how the agricultural suppliers are growing their products. In the effort to improve the companies sustainability he has also announced the acquisition of Baho food company.

Acquisition of Baho food

In a bid to grow the OSI Group the president declared the acquisition of Baho food. A Dutch company, which manufactures, snacks among other foods. What does he has to say about it? McDonald says that the acquisition will greatly grow the business especially in Europe. And also he says that the workers of Baho food processing company have great expertise. Hence he is going to retain them as their experiences and expertise will help in enhancing the service delivery to the consumers.


President McDonald has greatly contributed to the growth of the OSI group and enhancing its sustainability. It is the leading processing company globally with branches in USA, Europe and china. It has operated in china for more than 20 years with their celebration in September 2012 marking 20 years since its inception in China.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137