Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund On The Daca Program Hazard

DACA which in full means the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival is a program that helps undocumented youth who meat a particular prerequisite to evade deportation. It also helps the child get the opportunity to work in the USA under a renewable contract viable in two years. The youths are also able to access a social security number. The program also allows these youth to access in-state-tuition fees. They can also acquire a driver’s license at some time. However, with all the good and apparent intentions of the DACA movement, there are still people who cannot stand the change.


In recent events, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton addressed President Donald Trump through a letter in regards to DACA program. They wanted a phasing off in which new implications of the movement were not a consideration, and the renewal of their policies would lack recognition also. The Attorney general got a backing from nine other Attorneys generals and a governor. There was later on a meeting held by the members of the Hispanic caucus and the secretary of homeland. The discussions that followed were in the state by which DACA movement was being jeopardized being legal cases that had been brought forward challenging the program.


DACA program has been able to change lives and make a positive impact that has helped both America and the foreigners in the program. DACA alumni make contributions worth millions of dollars to universities and colleges countrywide. For them, showing compassion and concern to the new people in the program helps in keeping the movement strong. Collected statistics show that over ninety percent of DACA beneficiaries are responsible citizens who work and study contributing to the betterment of the country. These individuals are high taxpayers since most of them have advanced to high levels of their education. They make a significant contribution to the growth of the economy of the country. Some of them have invested thousands of dollars in businesses which located within the state, and they have created job opportunities through these setups. Others have bought assets worth millions including homes in the country. The success of the program is evidently all over, and people are living and attesting to the success of DACA movement.


The Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund is one of the organizations that fully support and endorse the DACA movement. Lacey and Larking started the Lacey and Larking foundation. The two journalists arrested on unfair grounds and later aligned in court but the truth came out, and they made it out with a hefty monetary compensation which they choose to put on a right course. They assist in the fight to preserving DACA movement.


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