George Soros Contributions Benefit Communities and Great Causes for Four Decades

There is only one way to describe investor and billionaire George Soros. He is a giver. George has been a wealthy man ever since his seemingly lucky break with the decision to purchase the $10 billion valued British pound sterling, in 1992, which left him a billion dollar profit.

Since that time, George has shown a great effort to seemingly rid himself of his billions. As a successful investor and with knowledge that he received from the London School of Economics, George Soros continued to build on his fortune, but never forgetting those in society who are in need of help. This past October, George made it abundantly clear to everyone in society that his intent is to be of service, and to use his wealth for the greater good of all mankind. George announced that he was donating $18 billion of his $23 billion net worth to the Open Society Foundations; a charitable organization that he founded in 1979.

With the $18 billion donated, George is known as the world’s largest single donor to give money to a charitable organization. It’s a badge of honor that George was not seeking when he made the decision, but it is an unmistakable historic moment for himself and those who accept that his service to cultures all around the world are better because of the strategic giving of his wealth.

Through the years, George has participated in an abundant of societal causes to benefit the lives of others. Throughout his 87-year life, George has contributed to thousands of organizations and numerous cultures internationally.

George has given a life of service and money for:

  • Fundraising for Charitable Causes
  • International Affairs/Development
  • Philanthropy Efforts
  • Civil Rights Organizations
  • Women’s Rights Groups
  • LGBTQ Alliance Organizations
  • Social Justice Awareness
  • Political Causes/Campaigns
  • Call to Action Efforts
  • Inner-city Schools and Education Programs

George is arguably the most philanthropic person in the world. He’s given over $11 billion to charitable organizations as well as over $650 million to support human rights groups specifically. His political contributions amounted to $24 million in 2004 and close to $10 million during the 2016 election. He’s given to public education in the amount of $35 million. George has promoted social justice and inclusion, for decades. However, due to some right-wing conspiracies, his actions have fallen on a lower level of understanding for compassionate giving.

George was born during the time when there was a world full of destruction because of World War II. Being born Jewish in the world full of Nazi occupation, and the incomprehensible hopelessness that plagued him during that time, George was able to rise above a despairing situation to build not only strength and courage, but to have compassion for others by serving a greater cause. It’s befitting that the wealth that George has been able to maintain for four decades would be bestowed upon a man like him.

The $18 billion endowment donated to Open Society Foundations ranks it as the second-largest nonprofit organization throughout the entire world.