Get An Aloha Construction Professional For Your Home Remodeling

Aloha Construction is a professional family-owned and operated roofing and siding company. They offer superior home improvement options for all homeowners as one of the largest remodeling specialist in North America. Experience licensed and trained professionals with over 25+ years of experience in the industry. They’re proudly based in Wisconsin with other offices in Illinois. They offer licensed and bonded technicians with the benefit of assisting you with your insurance claim after a storm. Get the repair on maintenance work you need on your home with the care and expertise of a professional. Each client receives personalized care to get the look or feel of your home the way you want it.

How The Weather Can Affect Your Home

Inclement weather can cause your home to go through dramatic changes, damages, or require maintenance. Their friendly team of professionals know how to get you the repair work you need when you need it for a fraction of the cost of local area competitors. In fact, they would like for all homeowners to get the work they need done on their home with in-house financing options. They never turn away gainfully employed homeowners at Aloha Construction.


The siding on your home is important to the appearance of your home, if you’re looking to sell or improve the value of your home. They understand your siding can affect your energy costs and should be repaired immediately by a professional. Their professionals offer immediate service with eco-friendly materials including durable aluminum. They’ll offer you a free consultation to determine the extent of damage on your home with an Aloha Construction professional.


Your roof is very important to the temperament of your home and should never be considered a do-it-yourself job. A professional is ready to tackle the job with the right materials to replace your old or worn tiles with roofing tiles including cedar lake and asphalt. You’ll love how they perform the work with a friendly on-site supervisor.

You’re invited to visit the popular Aloha Construction website to find out about a friendly consultation of your home today.