Why Securus Technologies Acquired GovPayNet

In 1997, a sheriff had a brilliant idea. He noticed that the people living inside his county are having difficulties paying their fees and fines, and because he wanted to provide them with the convenience of paying their dues, he invited several people who are adept at computer programming. Together, they discussed what the sheriff’s idea is all about – he wanted to create a program that would let the people pay their duties without the hassle of going to the sheriff’s office. He also told the professionals that he wanted the system to be as convenient as possible, and as organized as possible. The group came up with an idea to create a payment system that would be launched online, and thus, GovPayNet was born.



Since it was established in 1997, GovPayNet has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people using the website for its services. Through the years, more and more people have become aware of the services offered by GovPayNet, and they chose the option to pay their fees and fines through the payment processing company because it is way too easy for them. GovPayNet soon became a national phenomenon, being able to gain users from 26% of America’s total number of counties. The services offered by GovPayNet changes through the years, but their objective remains the same. They only wanted to provide convenience to the public who are paying their duties. GovPayNet is constantly recognized because of its contribution to the society, and because of its importance in the lives of the American people, some larger corporations have set their eyes on the program.



Securus Technologies is one of these companies, and they have recently acquired GovPayNet because of the company’s efficiency in processing payment requests from the customers. Securus Technologies wanted to expand their business beyond the field of telecommunications, which is why the acquired GovPayNet.