Bob Reina Spearheads New Software Development

Talk Fusion hit the headlines for its innovation in the communication industry. The technology firm under the leadership of Bob Reina introduced a computer program that enables real-time communication. Its primary feature is the capability to share videos and audios through the Internet instantly. The software allows up to 500 participants and a maximum of 15 hosts. The major enhancement that attributes to its flexibility is on ease of accessibility. Users do not have to download the software packages on their computers, tablets or phones. The WebRTC embedded technology allows users to access the software through their respective web browsers hence no need for additional plug-ins.

Business meetings can be easily conducted through the software in real time because of its audio and video enhancements. The software has a user-friendly interface with clear audios integrating with images on the videos. One of the key features of the software is a “waiting room.” The waiting room allows a host to prepare and test aspects of the presentation before joining the live meeting. Other participants and presenters are completely shut out from the host until it is time for the meeting to begin.

Since the development of WebRTC, Talk Fusion is the first company to develop software that can accommodate 500 participants. The 15 host allowance is also a unique feature and undeniable advancement in the communication industry. However, the firm has a responsibility of maintaining reliability of the service as well as high-quality levels.

Bob Reina joined police academy soon after completion of his studies at the University of South Florida. He graduated from the Tampa Police Academy with a merit award as the first in his class. Bob’s entrepreneurial skills were evident during his studies at the university where he worked in various capacities to complement his needs. This extended to the 90s while he was in law enforcement after he was introduced to network marketing. He gradually mastered the art and soon left the police force for full-time business.

In 2004, he approached an IT genius with the Video Email idea. At the time, it seemed far-fetched, even to the business partners. Nevertheless, Bob’s commitment and consistency in direct selling set the ball rolling hence the establishment of Talk Fusion three years later.

Besides, Bob Reina is renowned for his philanthropy. He has generously donated to nonprofit organizations, especially animal support. He is also an active contributor to Tampa Bay’s Humane society. Learn more: