Talkspace for Therapy on Demand

Text-based therapy is a convenient way to access help for people who are on the road a lot, have very little spare time or prefer anonymity. Treatment then becomes available without as much disruption to your day and also costs quite a bit less. Messages to their licensed therapist can be sent via text, tablet or computer and efficiently transfers between devices. The platform is HIPPA compliant and uses banking-grade encryption to protect your privacy. The accessibility of Talkspace therapists is a game changer for many happy clients.

Online therapy may be becoming more mainstream as Talkspace has a newly agreed upon deal with Magellan Health. An arrangement such as this could mean that shortly those patients who have coverage with Magellan Health would have access to their mental health professional online and on demand.

Embracing modern communication, Talkspace has a very active Twitter account tweeting out useful messages several times per day. Each tweet asks a little question or provides a tidbit of help while attaching a more in-depth article to read in the same subject area. Some recent tweets included advice on to explain an invisible illness or how to get out of negative thinking.

Upon signing up with Talkspace, clients are provided with an intake therapist. After discussing needs and preferences are addressed the client is matched with a therapist who will be a good fit for their problems and goals. There are several payment and plan options to choose from too. Unlimited Messaging Therapy™ begins at $49 per week which has access to text, video & audio messaging five days per week. Premium ($59 per week) adds one live session per month and Ultimate ($79 per week) includes four live sessions per months in addition to the unlimited text-based chats.