Paul Mampilly

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is an Indian who went to the states at the age of 18. When he first came to the states, he worked in a gas refilling center during the winter, this is among his worst jobs. This was after completing high school and was offer a chance to pursue a degree in Business Administration at the Montclair University. His first career practice was in Bankers Trust where he was employed as an assistant manager. He later left his job and joined Fordham School to study for a masters in the same field. At 42 years he felt he had done enough and retired so as to create time for the family.

What company is he the founder of?

Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting and Profit unlimited which is among newsletters which have grown rapidly. Currently, Profit Unlimited has more than 90000 subscribers annually. This newsletter which is found in Bayan Hill aims at guiding business persons into venturing in businesses that are profitable. The renowned investors updates these newsletters and gets them emailed to all the subscribers. The subscribers opt to purchasing stocks from brokerage accounts of their own which are mostly suggested by Paul. Most of the subscribers aim at finding the best way of growing and accumulating their retirement savings.

Newsletter Profit Unlimited

This is an eight page column in the Bayan publishing by Paul .In this newsletter, he mainly uses it to advice the subscribers on the kind of stocks to invest in. He also writes on issues that are affecting the stock market. Moreover, the prolific investor keeps updating the newsletter on weekly, monthly and annual basis with other issues like the Cytocurrency market which include bitcoins and intellicoins. Apart from writing this column, he is also writing other columns which include; Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum

What does Paul Mampilly’s presence on Facebook look like?

This entrepreneur has more than 2.4 million like on Facebook. People following him describe him as a wise and enthusiastic business man who has vast knowledge in the business world. Paul also frequently writes posts on stock as a way of informing and educating investors

What awards has he received?

Paul won the Templeton Foundation award after converting a business worth $50 million into $88 million among other awards.

What are his thoughts towards bitcoins?

Paul, has currently been on the fight against bitcoins as he compares them to a bubble. The renowned business man says that bitcoins started off at a very promising pace but have with time started losing value in the Cytocurrency market. He advises investors to get involved in other Cytocurrency firms which are rather not famous but functional. Moreover, the investor claims that those investing in bitcoins are at a higher chance of making losses. It is evident that the retired business administrator does not have faith in bitcoins at all. Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock