Ricardo Tosto: A commercial lawyer with a great reputation

Law in Brazil is one of the most competitive careers. Some very many lawyers are coming out of institutions of higher learning with law degrees. In fact, Brazil is ranked among the top countries worldwide which have the highest number of lawyers. Only countries like the United States and India has such a high population. Additionally, Brazil has the highest number of law schools in the world. In fact, Brazil has more law schools than all the other countries combined. The legal field attracts the best-performing students typically. It is seen as a prestigious course that attracts a good pay rate.

Although there are a high number of law students in the county, this does not mean that it is easy to become a lawyer. The Brazilian Bar Association highly regulates the profession. Before anyone becomes a lawyer, they must prove their capabilities through thorough coursework both at the undergraduate levels and at the law school. The first step to becoming a lawyer is to meet the minimum requirements need to join a law class in the university. Secondly, one must get a degree from a reputable institution. The only university allowed to offer law degree are recognized. Any students who fail to prove that he has a legit law degree cannot go to a law school.

About Ricardo Tosto

When a discussion about law profession in Brazil ensures, it is hard to pass without mentioning some of the top lawyers in the country. In any forum, you will hear the name of Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto is a brilliant Brazilian lawyer who has a good command of English and Portuguese languages. He can use both of them to represent clients with no difficulties. Many lawyers in the country can only represent clients in the predominant language which is Portuguese. This is an added advantage that Ricardo Tosto enjoys.

Ricardo Tosto is a commercial law attorney who has a good reputation for taking up complex cases. He has worked with NGOs, governments and multinational business organizations. His expertise in the legal field is one of its kind. Ricardo Tosto has even received recognition for his work from various organizations.

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