Juenesse Global Skin Care Products Reach Household Name Recognition

There are plenty of skin care products on the market and many of them have paid models and actresses to represent the company’s promise of quality; however, with the Luminesce products by Juenesse Global, you get the facts. Luminesce products have a proven record of satisfied customers who continue to benefit from the fantastic detail that has gone into each product category for having youthful looking skin and a vibrant appearance.

Luminesce products have eight selections that customers are able to choose for part of their daily skin care:

Cellular Rejuvenation Serum– An effective dermatologist-developed serum to give the skin a beautiful glow.

Flawless Skin Brightener– Allows users to reach flawless looking skin with a hydrating formula and a unique brightening gel.

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Hydrashield Mask– Supports the skin care regimen of Luminesce users for daily convenience.

Youth Restoring Cleanser– With a special blend of alpha and beta hydroxyl elements, the Youth Restoring Cleanser exfoliates the skin and removes unwanted skin-cell buildup.

Daily Moisturizing Complex– A lightweight SPF 30 formulated facial lotion, which can be used every day for skin protection.

Advanced Night Repair– The skin is replenished during the restorative sleep process to regenerate a youthful appearance.

Ultimate Lifting Masque– With a little indulgence, the Ultimate Lifting Masque allows users to have a spa-level treatment that is nourishing, while also removing dead skin.

Essential Body Renewal– A full-body moisturizing lotion that is enriched with extracts of fruit and legume to provide long-lasting hydration to the skin.

Juenesse Global was launched in 2009, and the company is currently being operated by founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray who were business partners in previous ventures unrelated to the skin care market. However, their vision to help people to look, feel and live young has resonated with millions of consumers worldwide. Through a commitment to helping people reach their highest potential, Wendy and Ray have contributed to the online retail industry in ways that have made the company a household name.