Clayton Hutson provides services to event organizers and musicians through his business by the name Clayton Hutson. He studied theatre design at the University where he builds a career as an audio engineer. He was employed in live music companies and succeeded to become a project manager. Having perfected his skills, he decided to start a firm that would design, produce and manage concerts. He has been offering his services on tours. For instance, he was a part of 2005, Bleed Like Me, the world tour with the Garbage Band travelling across Australia, North America and Europe as their monitor engineer. In 2017, he operated the system of automatic rigging at the tour called Honda Civic for OneRepublic. The concerts were held in Asia and North America from July to August and finally September. He was the monitor engineer for the New Kids on the Block in 2010 for four months; Guns N’ Roses monitor engineer from 2010 to 2015, Alice in Chains production manager from 2014 to 2015, Kid Rock stage manager from 2017 to date and The Kingdom of Halsey stage manager from 2017 to date.


Clayton Hutson decided to start his business after a recession with his employer. His talents and marketing skills from his previous employment gave him the confidence to take the risk and start the business. When he has turned an idea into reality, he develops new audio and sets illumination or design concepts. He uses CAD to work on the effective dimensions of his equipment and performance venues. He works hard, pays attention to particulars and does not mind working for long hours. This has built him a reputation that attracts clients to him.


The success of his business has been a flow. It is highly factored by his attentiveness to avoid mistakes that may compromise his business. He always prepares fully and has the equipment organized in time and sensibly for every event. He also makes sure that all tasks to be carried out in the event are listed despite how much insignificant they appear. There have been improvements in the music industry technologies. Equipment that allows for mobile lighting has exited him since they can easily be moved around during a performance. He always has a busy workday starting his day earlier than 7 am. He has to visit a performance venue as the first to explore the building, review his schedule and develop the day’s task list and assigns each crewmember their task. Learn more: