OSI Group Opens another Factory Operation in its Spanish Market

Over the last few years the demand for chicken products have increased between the nations of Spain and Portugal. Citizens of both countries have demanding more poultry in their homes and in the restaurants where they dine. The growth for poultry related products have increased over 8% during the last 3 years. OSI Group sees the demand for chicken between these two regions as a good thing. They have built another factory inside of Toledo, Spain to meet this demand.

OSI Group is known to provide various chicken entrees to restaurants all over the world. They also service local supermarkets and grocery outlets as well. OSI Food Solutions serves other foods such as pizza, meat patties, vegetable and dough related goods. This company is based inside of the state of Illinois and it serves businesses such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza. OSI Food Solutions even had a relationship with McDonald’s in the past when they were known as Otto and Sons. The company has locations in various parts of the U.S. and in various regions of Europe and China.

The demand for chicken has led to the creation of a new meat production facility. This facility is capable of producing 12,000 tons of meat which will double the company’s output capacity for meat-based products. The new facility is also outfitted with state of the art security systems and it has product development capabilities as well. Chefs can use the advance kitchens to authenticate new dishes that will appeal to Spain’s and Portugal restaurant market.

OSI Food Solutions new facility will also hire 20 new employees. While this might not seem like a huge boost in the employment sector; just keep in mind that the new plant will require more transportation drivers, restaurant workers and advertisers just to keep up with the incoming meat production that this factory will produce. OSI Group expects that demand for poultry based products to continue in popularity well into the next decade.

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